LightSpectra v1.0

LightSpectra v1.0

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Note****A user has reported that the app is not working with Android Lollipop. I will be looking into this. ******Optical emission spectra allow us to pull back the curtain and observe a fundamental ...Read more >

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  • Price: Paid
  • Publish Date: 6/9/2014 00:00 UTC
  • Requires Android: 2.3 and up
  • Author: Philip Weetman
  • Size: 1.8M
  • Catagory: Education
  • Latest Version: 1.0
  • Version history: LightSpectra

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LightSpectra v1.0

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A user has reported that the app is not working with Android Lollipop. I will be looking into this.

Optical emission spectra allow us to pull back the curtain and observe a fundamental truth of the universe. It gave rise to quantum mechanics and has far reaching practical applications from astronomy to optical communications.

This application allows you to use your portable device to analyze the visible light emission spectra.

1. Load as many spectral images as you like, they will be put into their own tabs.

2. From a spectral image you can:
-plot the intensities of the red, blue, green and total contributions.
-find the local intensity maximums.
-determine the wavelength and possible elemental sources of each maximum.

3. A simple to use spectrometer calibration method is included. Calibrate your spectrometer to a known source then accurately analyze any others. Your spectrum may just be the first order patterns or you can include the central line (as in the example).

4. Pinch to zoom, crop, flip and save images functionality is provided.

5. A quick-start guide and user manual are provided as well as a link to the application's website.

-YOU NEED A SPECTROMETER TO GENERATE THE SPECTRA! There are many simple and inexpensive designs available on the internet. I provide a schematic and a picture of the one I made in the user manual and on the website.

-First time users, follow the quick-start guide. It will take you a couple minutes and then you will then have a good idea of the basic functionality. A user manual is also provided for additional functionality and explanations.

-Complex compounds give very messy spectra. This application is better suited for well-defined spectral lines such as the compact fluorescent light source used in the example.

-For convenience a camera function is included in the app, which successfully runs for various versions of Android but was found to have issues with Samsung Galaxy 4’s .4.4.2 (though stock 4.4.2 is fine). For now consider the camera routine experimental.

-The app is built with open source QT 5.3 under the limited GNU public license. If you don’t have the QT libraries and ministro II already installed on your system, it will install them (if it gives you an error, just do it again as it sometimes has trouble connecting to the QT server).

- On some versions of Android, LightSpectra will not switch properly if you:
- switch apps,
- then press home,
- then press the app again.
To guarantee that the program switches back properly, please use an app switcher instead.

Please feel free to send me comments here or at [email protected] for bug reports or ideas for improved or additional functionality. If enough interest is shown, I will provide space on the website for people to share spectrometer designs, images, or other ideas.

Happy Spectruming!

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