DroidMote Server v3.8.9

DroidMote Server v3.8.9

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THIS APPLICATION REQUIRES ROOT.BEFORE BUY READ THIS LINK TO CHECK IF YOU HAVE THE REQUIREMENTSControl your Android device from the comfort of your couch. This is the server part ...Read more >

DroidMote Server / Specifications

  • Price: Paid
  • Publish Date: 3/15/2017 08:00 UTC
  • Requires Android: 4.0 and up
  • Author: Videomap
  • Size: 1.1M
  • Catagory: Tools
  • Latest Version: 3.8.9
  • Version history: DroidMote Server

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DroidMote Server v3.8.9

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DroidMote Server / Description


Control your Android device from the comfort of your couch. This is the server part and can be installed on the Android device that you want to control. Moreover, with DroidMote, you can use multi touch applications and games, even on devices that do not have the touch screen (e.g. a TV!).

The client is a free android application: "DroidMote Client".

How does it work ? Take a look to the video playlist

Download of Free DroidMote Server for Windows and Linux. x86 x64 Arm

For Support and instructions:

DroidMote emulates real input devices in the Android OS. Mouse, keyboard, multi touch trackpad, touch screen and a gamepad with 16 buttons and 6 axis that also uses the accelerometer of your client device. You can use the soft gamepad or an hardware gamepad connected to the client to play with all games installed on server device, also those without the built-in controller support in virtue of the Gamepad2Touch functionality and the help of the touch profiles. Games that support a real gamepad recognize DroidMote as a real device. If you don't have a router, no problem. You can establish a connection point to point between the two devices with the function Tethering / portable hotspot of your device. (you do not need bluetooth, the bluetooth is slow and cover small distances)

You can control your Linux machine with DroidMote Server for Linux (free)

You can control your Windows machine DroidMote Server for Windows (free)

ATTENTION: The uinput module is required. A lot of Android devices already have this module by default, but everyone can have it. Read the requirements page, before buying or putting a negative vote, or contact the developer to solve your problems,through the forum or with an e-mail.

[✔] Mouse
[✔] Multi touch Trackpad
[✔] Two Fingers Scroll Rotate Zoom
[✔] Keyboard
[✔] Mediaplayer
[✔] Dpad
[✔] Multi touch Gamepad
[✔] Multi-axes Joystick with the accelerometer
[✔] Supports multiple phones simultaneously.
[✔] Two virtual analog stick
[✔] Touch emulation allows you to map buttons and analog sticks to the screen. Play all your favourite games with full analog support, even those without built-in controller support!
[✔] TouchMouse for games that not support a real mouse
[✔] Voice dictation
[✔] Gesture typing with android 4.2 keyboard and up
[✔] Copy and paste from one device to the other
[✔] Mouse, Touch Mouse, voice dictation and multi touch games with an Hardware Controller
[✔] Android TV compatible

Warning: If DroidMote Server doesn't work on your tablet is only because you don't have the uinput module loaded in the kernel (SOLVABLE reading the requirements page).

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