G2 TweaksBox v2.4

G2 TweaksBox v2.4

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- IT WORKS ONLY ON LG-G2 (And mostly on G-Flex,G-Pad,G-Pro,G-Pro 2)- It Requires Root Access- It Requires Xposed FrameworkPLEASE Report any bugs here: ...Read more >

G2 TweaksBox / Specifications

  • Price: Free
  • Publish Date: 7/12/2014 00:00 UTC
  • Requires Android: 4.4 and up
  • Author: P_Toti
  • Size: 927k
  • Catagory: Personalization
  • Latest Version: 2.4
  • Version history: G2 TweaksBox

G2 TweaksBox / Screenshots

G2 TweaksBox v2.4

G2 TweaksBox / Description

- IT WORKS ONLY ON LG-G2 (And mostly on G-Flex,G-Pad,G-Pro,G-Pro 2)
- It Requires Root Access
- It Requires Xposed Framework
PLEASE Report any bugs here:

See all screenshots and features for KitKat:
See all screenshots and features for JellyBean:

Some Features:

--StatusBar Color
--Gradient Status Bar
--Hide Status Bar icons
--Battery icon options(hide,hide percentage from battery text)
--CM Circle Battery
--StatusBar Clock Settings(position,color,style,html,hide)
--StatusBar Carrier Text(visibility,color,custom text)
--Trasparent Status And Navigation Bar on Launcher(Works on any launcher)
--StatusBar Icon Colors(reboot is needed)
--Navigation Bar Color
--Navigation Bar Height(Works fine with any launcher,even stock)
--Gradient Navigation Bar
--Navigation Bar button colors(color,homescreen color,glowcolor)
--Navigation Bar Button Actions with custom timeout
--Ring Pad customization
--Notification Panel Color
--Brightness Slider Background Color
--Volume Slider Background Color
--Brightness Slider Seekbar Color
--Volume Slider Seekbar Color
--Date Panel Background Color
--Date Panel Label Color
--Divider color(reboot is needed)
--QSlide Panel Color
--Notification Row(Background,Pressed and Icon Color)
--QuickSettings BackGround Button Colors(Normal and Pressed)
--QuickSettings Icon and label Button Color(Active and UnActive)
--List Overscroll Edge/Glow Colors(reboot is needed)
--Hide Label Button Color
--Hide QuickSettings
--Hide Volume Slider
--Hide Brightness Slider
--Hide Carrier text on notification panel
--Battery percentage text size option
--Control Brightness level by sliding the statusbar

--Call Recording
--Auto Call Recording
--Set Call History as Default Tab
--Enable Noise Suppression
--Disable VuTalk

--Exclude contacts without phone numbers in messaging app option
--New Message screen off option

--Change default led color for missed call
--Change default led color for incoming call
--Change default led color for missed messages
--Disable LEDs in Quite MODE
--Back led options

--See-Through Wallpaper
--Enable Rotation
--Disable carrier text and icon
--Use squared icons
--Hide alarm info
--Hide charging info
--Hide pattern string
--Hide swype string
--Hide statusbar clock
--Show Remaiming Attemps
--Aosp Lockscreen
--Knock OFF on Aosp Lockscreen
--Fix Blank Screen Bug with aosp lockscreen
--Remove shadow background on aosp lockscreen
--QuickUnlock on aosp lockscreen

--Hide input switcher notification
--Disable charging plug/unplug notifications
--Hide full battery notification
--Hide AC charging notification
--Hide slow charging notification
--Hide wireless charging notification
--Hide verizon notifications
--Hide Quietmode schedule notification
--Hide Battery saver notification
--Hide Low Battery Dialog
--Hide Airplane Mode Dialog
--Disable Data roaming notification

--Disable PlugnPop when heaset are plugged in.
--Skip Tracks with volume Keys
--Disable Safety HeadSet Volume
--Auto Expand Volume Panel
--Fix Headset Hissing issues

--Enable Shutter Sound OFF
--Disable Video Recording Sound
--Disable Focus Sounds
--Disable Camera Forced Sound
--Disable low battery check

--Enable All Rotations
--Freeze rotation to the current one(disable forced rotation to portrait when you disable auto rotation)
--Disable NavBar
--4 way reboot menu button
--Palm swype to take a screenshot
--Enable Overflow menu button
--Enable LG Launcher Hidden Settings
--Enable Torch(Flashlight) with volume up key
--Show Extended Kernel Info
--Enable Knock OFF on NavBar

I take no responsibility for any fault or damage caused by any procedures of the app. No warranties of any kind are given

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