Crossroad v0.9.4.4

Crossroad v0.9.4.4

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A party, many pictures taken with smartphones, many « Yes, sure, I’ll send them to you tomorrow », and then… nothing!Crossroad is the app allowing you to finally ...Read more >

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  • Price: Free
  • Publish Date: 8/5/2015 16:25 UTC
  • Requires Android: 4.0 and up
  • Author: Crossroad
  • Size: 7.6M
  • Catagory: Photography
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Crossroad v0.9.4.4

Crossroad / Description

A party, many pictures taken with smartphones, many « Yes, sure, I’ll send them to you tomorrow », and then… nothing!
Crossroad is the app allowing you to finally GATHER AUTOMATICALLY and instantly all the pictures taken during a shared experience with your friends or family members.
With Crossroad, you will never chase after your friends or their pictures once back home because everything is automatic.

1. Create a Crossbook (shared album) during or after any event
2. Invite the people you want to sync pictures with
3. Enjoy! All the pictures are ready to be synchronized on every participants’ smartphones
4. Access every pictures from any computer through a beautiful and personal web page we crafted for you

Parties: some pictures aren’t appropriate for your favorite social network? No problem ! Control who can access the Crossbook
Weddings: you are finally able to gather all the attendees’ pictures in one place, automatically and effortlessly
Families: you attend a family diner, a birthday or a picnic ? Create together your family memories
Travels: you will meet great people, travel with them and share precious moments. Don’t wait to be home to exchange your pictures

1. An automatic synchronization
When you open a Crossbook, the app shows you the last pictures you took since your last visit.
Just unselect the ones you don’t want to share, click done, all the pictures are automatically synced between every participants’ smartphones.

2. A beautiful timeline
The pictures are added in a beautiful timeline organized to show you who is contributing.

3. A web sharing too
Some friends or family members can’t attend your event?
Send them a private link from the app, and grant them access to a web version of your Crossbook.

4. Private & secure :
Only members of the Crossbook can see what’s inside. We took extra care of data’s privacy.

Access Crossroad through the gorgeous mobile apps and the website.

And more to come (video / comments & likes / …)


I traveled to Italy with 2 friends this winter, and we were able to share all the pictures with our friends stayed in London.

I invited everybody on crossroad for my birthday party, when I woke up the next day, all the pictures were already on my phone… What a crazy night ! Definitely worth spending a few seconds to create and invite my friends to join my Crossbook.

I’m studying in Australia for a year, i use the web version to share my adventure with my friends and family. Even my grandparents can access my pictures.

We created, with my schoolmate, a crossbook to share everything that happens during the year. Nothing escapes us. We even share lessons if someone missed class.

At first, I was only using Crossroad for the parties with my friends, but it’s perfect for my family too.
My twin brother, my parents and I are living in three different cities. We decided to create a crossbook for all of us, and now, we can follow what everyone is doing days after days. We also send the web crossbook to our grandmother (who doesn’t have a smartphone..) and now she follows us as well. Best app for groups.

It’s an A+ : easy to use, very useful and solve a problem I had for 10 years.

I just had my first baby, and it was obvious I wouldn’t put a single picture of her on Facebook (not my style and I don’t want to spam everybody). I created a crossbook of my little princess and all my closest friends can now see how she’s growing up. I don’t have to send 30 emails anymore :)

Need support ? Just send us a message at : [email protected] or get in touch on Twitter @crossroadapp

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Minor bug fixes

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