Sea of Giants Full (70% OFF) v1.0.1

Sea of Giants Full (70% OFF) v1.0.1

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70% OFF For a Very Short Time .★ Winner of Barnes & Noble World Wide Contest ★-------------------------------------------------------AppsZoom Review :★ "A fantastic first-person graphic ...Read more >

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Sea of Giants Full (70% OFF) v1.0.1

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70% OFF For a Very Short Time .
★ Winner of Barnes & Noble World Wide Contest ★
AppsZoom Review :
★ "A fantastic first-person graphic adventure,Zoolax's Sea of Giants is more than a mobile game"★
Android Headlines:
★ "No doubt about it, this is one of the finest looking adventure games I have ever played"★
Have you ever been in a dream and never wanted to awake?
Ever been Far Away From a loved one and wish to be near them, here is your chance.
By Discovering Spells and each Puzzle, Giant & Magic, you become a new person.

❒ Smart HINT System Guide + Full DYNAMIC Game MAP.
❤ It looks just Amazing on Tablet and Phone.
☝The Point and Click Classic Adventure game Genre taken to a new level.
❀ Fun Puzzles to Solve with absolutely unexpected results.
✔ Many Fantastical Creatures and Giants to meet.
❤ Great Heartwarming story with a Thrilling ending.
♬ The Dreamy original soundtrack, that is just as Addictive as Sugar.
✔ Optimized for Tablet including ones with Retina display.
✔ Amazing unlockable Bonus Items.
✔ Easy to pick up and play.
✔ On Causal mode, you will see flashes as hints every time you enter a scene, if you look carefully.

( Supported Languages : English, Español, Française, Deutsch, 日本語, 한국어 )
"Sea of Giants" has been in the top 50 Paid Apps on Amazon
★★★★★ Reviews ★★★★★
5/5 "I am GLAD I did not Miss this."
5/5 "I could not wait to Meet the Skylander Giant."
5/5 "This is made by Love and Magic."

The most Breathtaking and Beautiful Classic point & click puzzle game for Tablet and Mobile has arrived.
Your Adventurous Mother is Missing .
She always remembered this as the Clash of Clans of reality and myth.
Mother also talked about the Skylander Giant, a Secret Portal and the Magic Gate.
You will get to Meet many Mystical Creatures, Giants and Monsters.
It an old epic journey through the secret society of giants.
A clash of clans of monster legends.
You will help an Amazing Mystical Giant and Free the Giant from old Spells and Dark magic.
A Missing Loved one is Hard, but now this is in your hand and you will be Traveling to Sea of Giants.
You will use Magic, Hints, Clues and Spells to Solve many Puzzles.
Clash of clans of mysteries from ancient times.
There are many Gates and Doors that have to be opened and you are getting closer to Meeting the Mystical Skylander Giant by Solving one Puzzle at a time.
The outcomes of the puzzles are as Unpredictable as the Voyage itself and you will surely be Amazed by your findings.
What led you to this Miraculous Expedition is a final Letter from your Mother:

"My dear child, my love, you renegade, you misfit; out of our big family, you always stand out. I have ventured on my biggest quest to solve an ancient mystery. In case I do not make it back, I have left you the only remaining map. It is a magical place in an unknown body of water called the Sea of Giants. After all, maybe only a misfit can put the puzzle pieces together."

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