뮤오리진 v1.7.0 (Speed hack x3.0 & More)

뮤오리진 v1.7.0 (Speed hack x3.0 & More)

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★ Mu Origin 'warrior on the battlefield' Update ★New server competition! 'Battle of the veterans'Challenge the strongest of the group PvP beyond the boundaries between server! ★ progress of ...Read more >

뮤오리진 / Specifications

  • Price: Free
  • Publish Date: 4/10/2016 07:35 UTC
  • Requires Android: 2.3.3 and up
  • Author: Webzen Inc.
  • Size: 48M
  • Catagory: Role Playing
  • Latest Version: 1.7.0 (Speed hack x3.0 & More)
  • Version history: 뮤오리진

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뮤오리진 v1.7.0 (Speed hack x3.0 & More)

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뮤오리진 / Description

★ Mu Origin 'warrior on the battlefield' Update ★
New server competition! 'Battle of the veterans'
Challenge the strongest of the group PvP beyond the boundaries between server!

★ progress of the new server event! ★
When first charged four-tier weapons, armor sets 100% Epic gift!
The compensation compensation compensation based on the daily charging, the amount!
Level up only to be hit during the event, such as a gift majeongseok, chukseok, Arcanum, a feather!


[Myu ohrijin 'warrior on the battlefield' Update History

■ Content Update (1.7.0) ■

1. New server competition 'battle of the veterans'
- Group beyond the boundaries between server PvP, 'the battlefield of veterans' system has been added.
- In the "battle of the veterans' it will be handing out 100 warriors and nimdeul two sides participated in various collective progress servers PvP.
- In 21:25 - nimdeul veterans who want a 'battle of the veterans' He admission every Tuesday, Friday 21:00
   In the Event> Server competitions> battlefield of warriors] must apply for a position.
- 'Battle of the warrior "is every Tuesday, Friday 21:30 - proceed to 22:00.
- You can kill the warriors of the opposing faction or mined minerals in the battle of the veterans can get points.
- You may be entitled to compensation according to the points obtained after the termination of the mighty battle.

2. The server dungeon 'mage of money Bahar "and" Eli maental Wars
- Server dungeon party can confront evil and joined the party of former users and servers' mage of money Bahar 'and has been added to' Eli maental Wars.
- 'Mage of money Bahar "and" Elemental Wars Dungeon can participate with up to five people to join the party, takes place every 15 minutes.
- 'Har mage money "after entering the dungeon and kill four mid-boss in each zone,
   The final boss appeared in Kharkiv Central mage will be completed when the aid money.
- A monster attack, and proceed to the "Elemental Wars Wave 30 after entering the dungeon,
   This dungeon will be terminated if you do not kill that monster wave in a given time.
- "Elemental Wars Dungeon, the compensation will be paid in accordance with the differential can complete the wave.

3. legendary 'artifacts System'
- The 'artifacts' system that the power of the artifact can increase the strength of character has been added.
- The "system remains' in the power of the artifact can increase the strength of character has been added.
- 'Relics systems "can be entered via the [character portrait> artifacts.
- 'Artifacts' is a total of four golden chalice, pipes, swords, golden temple golden golden.
Each artifact has, and there are six 'parts', parts can be strengthened through the' piece remains attached.
- 'Relics attached pieces "can be obtained from the in-game server" battle of the veterans' the dungeon, dungeon-party server' mage of money Bahar "and other events.

4. The new system elements 'Soul Stone'
- The 'Soul Stone' system that can be granted the power of jewelry has been added to the character.
- 'Soul Stone' is a total of three Tris, climb away, KwaZulu Dion.
- 'Soul Stone' and inserting a character you can add options such as obtaining increased damage, resistance, defense, hit.
- 'Soul Stone' can be mined using a diamond or Soul Dust,
   The Soul Dust can be obtained by completing the "Elemental Wars Dungeon.
- You can collect three identical Soul Stone Soul Stone to obtain one of the following levels:

5. enhanced equipment level upward up to
- Enhanced equipment level has been raised to the maximum level 20.
- Equipment: 16-20 level can be strengthened only within a certain period of time and enhance event, event schedule and we will guide you through the further notice.

6. Constellation activation step up upward
- The stage has been increased by up to enable perked steps 3 to 5.

■ ■ Information systems enhancements and changes

1. Increase the number of some items overlap
- The number of overlapping some game items has been increased to 999 pieces.

2. Select Server window improvements
- Select Server window, my recommendation server functionality has been improved.
- Improved access recent list of servers within the server selection window.
- Enter the number of servers it can be server entry.

3. Add 'Guild created sick' items
- The 'Horn of roraen' guild items needed during generation.
- 'Horn of roraen' items are available in my store games.

4. Add the patron Pet combination of conditions
- Pet Guardian conditions combined with a new pet to add to the event as possible to get this changed.

5. Improved tab title
- The 'wings' tab has been removed in the title tab.
- The title tab is available only 'nominal' system.


■ transcend the limitations of the mobile 100% Real MMORPG! ■
Forget mobile game so far,
Imagination brings its game over!
Enjoy Real MMORPG, MU Origin feel at your fingertips!

뮤오리진 / What's New in v1.7.0 (Speed hack x3.0 & More)

■ 콘텐츠 업데이트(1.7.0) ■
1. 신규 서버 대항전 '용사의 전장'
2. 서버 던전 '하르마게돈'과 '엘리멘탈 워'
3. 전설의 '유물 시스템'
4. 새로운 원소 시스템 '소울스톤'
5. 장비 강화 최대 레벨 상향
6. 별자리 활성화 최대 단계 상향
7. 일일 혜택 시스템 추가
■ 시스템 기능 개선 및 변경 안내 ■
1. 일부 아이템 중첩 개수 증가
2. 서버 선택창 개선
3. '길드 생성 신물' 아이템 추가
4. 수호펫 조합 조건 변경
5. 호칭 탭 개선
6. 공성전 중간 부활 지점 추가

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