Wakie – Voice Conversation App v3.4.1

Wakie – Voice Conversation App v3.4.1

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✭ Millions of friends knowing billions of topics and ready to call you now ✭✭ Your morning alarm clock — reinvented! ✭✭ 2 million users around the world ✭✭ 40 million calls made ...Read more >

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Wakie – Voice Conversation App v3.4.1

Wakie – Voice Conversation App / Description

✭ Millions of friends knowing billions of topics and ready to call you now ✭
✭ Your morning alarm clock — reinvented! ✭
✭ 2 million users around the world ✭
✭ 40 million calls made ✭

Do you need to discuss something but aren’t sure who to turn to for answers? Perhaps you would feel more comfortable discussing it with a helpful, friendly stranger? Maybe you have times when you feel blue and want to be cheered up. Perhaps you are frustrated with your love life and just want to ask someone for advice. Sometimes you just need a wake up call.

Wakie is the fastest way to find a chat partner for any topic. Just reach out to the community with your question. In a few seconds, you receive an anonymous call from one of our community members. When you need a wake up call, simply set the time and receive the call right when you need it.

Wakie is a fun, friendly community of people who call each other and help with everything from advice to practicing foreign languages to waking up in the morning AND MORE.

* It’s fun!
* It’s totally free!
* It’s anonymous and safe — no phone numbers are visible or exchanged.

TechCrunch: “A fun idea which may just go viral”
Mashable: "Wakie is designed to make waking up easier, or at least more interesting."
The Guardian: "Wakie is quite fun. Sounds creepy, but the community seems friendly."
Forbes: “The most enjoyable project!”
Gizmodo: "Before coming to the states, Wakie cultivated a strong international following."
TheNextWeb: "Forget alarm clocks, Wakie wakes you with phone calls from strangers."

--- AWARDS ---
Forbes Startup Contest prize winner,
StartupMonthly San Francisco winner,
Startup of the year by Runet Awards

Download the app now and be part of the Wakie phenomenon!


Q: Is Wakie app free? Are wake up calls free?
A: Yes, Wakie is free a free app and we don't charge for the calls.

Q: Can others see my phone number?
A: Never. All connections are made through Wakie and are anonymous for both sides.

Q: What should I talk about?
A: Talk about the topic you set or, if you are joining the conversation, talk about topic chosen by your chat partner. Please try to keep the talk within the set topic, but be open to other chats if you both agree.

Q: How does Wakie alarm clock work?
A: Wakie is a free alarm clock. Set an alarm for 7:00 am and you’ll get a phone call from another Wakie member at 7:00 am. The calls last just few minutes. You will hear a warning 10 seconds before the end of the call. No awkward goodbyes, no long conversations — calls are quick and casual. You can also choose to wake someone up yourself, too!

Q: What happens if no one calls me?
A: If no wakies are available, our robot will call to wake you and wish you a happy day. Your alarm clock will work anyway.

Q: Can I become an alarm clock and wake other users or give advice?
A: Of course, that's the point! Simply press the "Launch conversation" button. We will send you a Push Notification when we find a sleepy or chat partner who needs to talk.

Q: How should I wake up the sleepy?
A: How would you like to be woken up? Some people talk gently, others sing or play music. Be creative! Just be gentle, polite, and don't forget to ask them questions. That's the best way to wake them up.

Q: Do I need an Internet connection to be woken up?
A: Yes, you will receive a call through Internet. We recommend 4G (LTE) or Wi-Fi, but 3G will also work.

Q: Can I snooze the alarm clock?
A: You can ignore the call, but you can't snooze the live person.

Wakie – Voice Conversation App / What's New in v3.4.1

The time has come for the next significant update! We heavily reworked our VoIP part:
- сalls should now be established twice faster
- improved quality of calls, top-quality audio codecs were added
- possible problems with audio records are gone
As an added bonus downloadable app size reduced by 2.5 Mb.

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