ViPER4Android FX v2.5.0.5

ViPER4Android FX v2.5.0.5

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Note: does not support Android 5.1! ! ! Please do not because of this low score! Will be supported in the future! PS: Who can help me to translate into English, Russian? If you can, please send the ...Read more >

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ViPER4Android FX v2.5.0.5

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Note: does not support Android 5.1! ! ! Please do not because of this low score! Will be supported in the future!

PS: Who can help me to translate into English, Russian? If you can, please send the translated text to my mailbox.
PS: who can help me translate into English, Russian If you can, please send the translated words after my mailbox?.
PS: кто может помочь мне перевести на английском, русском Если можете, пожалуйста, после перевода текста отправить мой почтовый ящик?.
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PS: This is Allen works, in order to expand the scale, my generation to compile facilitate the use of release. Business practices, please contact the author directly into the official website, thank you.
To Allen's words: Dude really hard for you, kernel related packages linked, so I had some really hard to decipher. . . . . Hey. . We are looking forward to Google market more easily download it, you quickly official on-line it ~

Watch out
Phone must be ROOT, and must be installed Busybox. If you do not know what is ROOT, what is Busybox, please do not install this application!
This is a system-level advanced applications, if you do not know what it used to do, read the instructions carefully.
For this to God, please give five-star support!

ARM architecture platform (ARM11 or higher), x86 (Atom / i3 / i5 / i7)
Software Environment: Android 2.3 / 4.0 / 4.1 / 4.2 / 4.3 / 4.4 / 5.0
Additional Dependencies: su binaries (Superuser)
Language: Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese / English (United States)
License: Free

[Program Description]
Viper audio drivers, basically most of the world's music lovers are aware of things, which is the official version of the compiled version, green pollution-free. Also people with ulterior motives to condemn the official package name frequently stolen, officials have been unable to lead a normal release in Google market, let us put up the middle finger, despise such people!

Please note
On non-floating point capability of the platform (NOVFP), pulse feedback and headphone surround engine + effect is invalid.

There is some compatibility issues, such as noise, inexplicable restart the phone, FC, flash back and so on. If you can not stand, do not install.

[Uninstall Instructions]
After one, just go inside when unloading V4A adjustable sound settings, select "Uninstall / Restore", uninstall the driver
2, and then you can uninstall the application from the Google Market
[Driver Update]
Due to the current ViPER4Android driven from the inside of the sound debugging interface, install or uninstall manually, so when you update ViPER4Android.apk also need to update the appropriate version of the sound driver, can guarantee the normal work V4A. (In the driver settings, manually uninstall and install the driver, you can restart)

[If you encounter problems, please refer to the following] [ignore] is not met
1, for the Poweramp users:
Open Poweramp the Settings -> Audio Engine -> Advanced tuning -> Direct volume control is turned off.
2, for the system comes with the player (including MIUI music player, Apollo, etc.):
V4A is automatically enabled when the system comes with the player, if the player is turned on it will automatically disable the equalizer V4A sound, turn off the player equalizer.
Other players to be added. . . .
Use earplugs if the proposed details of the value between 0 to 30, too large, then make high frequency is too harsh, bass contour can be larger.

[Description] sample pulse feedback
Because frequently updated sample pulse feedback, and therefore will not pack that came with the compression.
Users need to access, here is a sample collection area.

----------- How good the sound settings? -------------
[FX version mainly for rendering audio effects by adjusting various parameters in order to achieve the purpose of adjustment of audio effects. ]

1, the total effect of the switch. This option defines whether V4A enabled headphone sound, is the master switch.
2. Replay Gain Control
    Playback gain control is mainly used for dynamic control audio volume, amplification or attenuation.
    (1) enabled. Whether the effect is enabled.
    (2), the effect of strength. The effect of strength on behalf of amplification or attenuation rate of the volume, the stronger it is, the faster, the final volume is larger, the weak, the slower the speed, the final volume of the audio closer to the original volume. Recommended medium.
    (3), the maximum gain multiplier. When the audio volume is too small, Replay Gain to amplify the volume to the set level, there may be a very large magnification. The higher the value the louder the volume is too large will also amplify the noise within the songs. Recommended 4 times.
    (4), the maximum volume. This value defines the maximum value from the playback volume decibel gain out of the sound, the higher the value the greater the volume, maximum 0 db on behalf of the digital signal. In order to make the sound softer, recommend -1.9 dB.

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