Star Arena v12

Star Arena v12

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"Addicting gameplay, impressive visuals, and intuitive design make Star Arena the best mobile strategy game to come along in ages." -Super Game Droid ( ...Read more >

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  • Price: Paid
  • Publish Date: 12/24/2014 00:00 UTC
  • Requires Android: 2.3 and up
  • Author: Tidbit
  • Size: 108M
  • Catagory: Action
  • Latest Version: 12
  • Version history: Star Arena

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Star Arena v12

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"Addicting gameplay, impressive visuals, and intuitive design make Star Arena the best mobile strategy game to come along in ages." -Super Game Droid (
"There's a huge focus on multiplayer, and the developers get extra points for eschewing the usual F2P pitfalls - no ads, no in-app purchases." -Android Police (

Suit up, Commander! Humanity is in disarray and alien invaders have taken control of earth. You are the only remaining hope for humanity's survival, get into the battle!

On the fence? Looking to improve your skills or learn more about the game? Check out Star Arena's official game guide here:

Star Arena is a fast paced 3D game that blends RTS elements with Tug of War into a seamless enjoyable mobile experience for hours on end. Star Arena was created by a small, independent, 2 person development team. Visit us at .

Using WIFI is strongly recommended for multiplayer games!

Feature list:
-Ad Free, no pay to win aspects.
-Online Multiplayer
-Full 3D HD Graphics, scales to any resolution, tablet or phone!
-Single Player modes (Skirmish and Campaign)
-Fast Paced, Fun, Competitive Gameplay
-Leaderboard and algorithmic ranking system, compete for the top 5 positions!
-2 playable races
-Easy intuitive controls, Drag to Pan, Pinch to Zoom, Field of View adjustment
-7 Dynamic Multiplayer levels (8 SinglePlayer), single and multi-lanes for different play strategies
-Unit upgrades and special racial weapons

Nearly all of the in-game footage above footage was recorded during live, online multiplayer games.
It is strongly recommended to use a WIFI connection when playing mutliplayer as using mobile networks alone may not work and will use your data plan (although it will user very little data). You can log into your account (or create a new account) and check the leaderboard when on a mobile connection without available wifi on any carrier, and some carriers do support gameplay.

If your device is almost as powerful as the above devices there are graphics options in the settings area that may help.

Questions? Email us at [email protected]

We read every comment and email!

[Change Log]
V10 Released
-Migrated to new dedicated servers for multiplayer
-All units rebalanced for optimized meta play.
-Commander unit mechanic added
-Now cross platform with iOS
-Many other new features!
V7 Released
-Fixed a bug that caused older devices (Android 2.3, slower hardware) to freeze in game in version 6
V6 Released
-Fixed intermittent crash bug on Galaxy S4
-[FEATURE] You can now see who your opponent is before the match starts
-Moved "Logged in as" text so it does not go off screen
V5 Released
-Fixed Campaign bug
-Stability fixes
-New multiplayer server
V4 Released
-Fixed MP bugs
-Fixed various campaign bugs
-Fixed unit movement issues in "Threshold"
-V3 Released
-Fixed MP connection bug
-Minor bug fixes
V2 Released

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