Ire:Blood Memory v1.0.14

Ire:Blood Memory v1.0.14

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Tenbirds is an independent game development studio.Ire, inspired by hardcore Japanese A/RPGs, is our first game. ---Please contact [email protected] for inquiries regarding Guest account data loss ...Read more >

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Ire:Blood Memory / Specifications

  • Price: Free
  • Publish Date: 6/30/2015 11:26 UTC
  • Requires Android: 4.4 and up
  • Author: TENBIRDS
  • Size: 423M
  • Catagory: Action
  • Latest Version: 1.0.14
  • Version history: Ire:Blood Memory

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Ire:Blood Memory v1.0.14

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Ire:Blood Memory / Description

Tenbirds is an independent game development studio.
Ire, inspired by hardcore Japanese A/RPGs, is our first game.

Please contact [email protected] for inquiries regarding Guest account data loss.
Update Notice(1.0.14):

.Bug fix
- VFX execution issues.
- Minor bug fix.

. Improvement
- Memory optimisation (Normal Map--texture--option added for some devices).

. Revision
- Players online introduced to Atonement - Flame effect/status & skill boost.
- Search Corrupt button added on the result screen of Atonement.
- Atonement rewards.
- Blood Day event in Atonement (Bone Shard consumption to Retaliate/Redeem decreased for 24 hours before deadline).
- Ranking and level of Corrupt displayed.
- Visual change for Introduction (pigmentation after 10sec).
- Cost to extract Shards increased.

. Balancing
- Speed of Dodge in Gauntlet increased.
- Dodge attack motion in Sword revised.
- Boss relocation in 2-4. Quest changes.
- Explosive barrels back in Chapter 1 quests.
- Corrupt-AI, level 30 and up, improved.
- Negative Status Effects compounded after initial NSE dealt (Curse, Stun, Poison effects).

“As the sun sets upon prosperity, memory will fall
Nightmare will raze the realms with her ire
From its embers a champion will stand.”

Ire background:
THE day of atonement is nigh. Memory has fallen and the world is broken. Hone your blades, name it, and kiss your beloved good-bye — you are marching into battle. Gather Memory, redeem the Corrupt and vanquish the agents of nightmare from the realm. Find your Boon and reclaim Cadmeia from Kerr the Breaker.

Gameplay notes:
- Welcome back to old school, DIY, hard A/RPG.
- Ire requires minimum of KitKat 4.4.2 and above.
- Ire requires a network to play.
-- Call/summon companion to arms.
-- Invasion, reward and ranking.
-- Combat reward system.
- Ire is game controller compatible.
- We bring to you some core combat mechanics of PC/Console games.
- The three tenets to advancing in Ire are tactics, upgrades, and grit.
- Know your foes, kite enemies, use your environment.
- You will die a lot in this game.

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