Mechanical Eng. Toolbox Pro v2.10

Mechanical Eng. Toolbox Pro v2.10

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Mechanical Engineering Toolbox ProThis app is for the mechanical engineers, naval architects, civil engineers, HVAC engineers, electrical engineers and for all engineers that use some common unit ...Read more >

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Mechanical Eng. Toolbox Pro v2.10

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Mechanical Engineering Toolbox Pro

This app is for the mechanical engineers, naval architects, civil engineers, HVAC engineers, electrical engineers and for all engineers that use some common unit conversions and math.

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For now the program has the following modules:
** Under Mechanical Engineering:
- Unit Conversion in 74 unit types, more than 1000 units
- ISO Fits and Tolerances Calculation according to ISO 286-2
- Hardness Conversion between 22 hardness types according to ASTM E140
- Pipe Sizes
- Dimensional Tolerances according to DIN ISO 2768
- Surface Roughness Tables
- Steel Bolt Specifications
- Bolt Torque Calculator
- Bolt Sizing Calculator
- ISO Metric Thread Dimensions
- Vibration Limits according to ISO 10816 and ISO 7919 and Lloyds Register
- Pressure Vessel Calculation according to ASME Sec. 8
- Ideal Gas Law Calculator
- Reynolds Number in Ducts
- Physical Constants Table
- Pump Power Calculator
- Net Positive Suction Head Calculator
- Material Properties of More than 70 Materials
- Table of Elements
- Steel Cross Reference Table
- SAE/AISI Steel Designations
- Effects of Alloying Elements
- Steel Mechanical Properties
- Steel Search By Composition (For now about 100 most common used steels. To be extended)
- Friction Coefficient Between Materials
- Elastomer Compatibility Table
- Rubber Shrinkage Rates
- Structural Beam Section Properties
- Beam Load Calculator
- Torque-Power Conversion
- Angular and Tangential Velocity
- Bore Shaft Taper Calculator
- Shaft Size Calculator
- Torsion of Circular Shafts Calculator
- Press Fitting of Shafts
- Water Lubricated Bearing Clearance Calculator
- Journal Bearing Clearance Calculator
- Roller Bearing Selection Guide
- Buckling Calculator
- Hydraulic Cylinder Calculator
- Pipe Friction Loss Calculator
- Rigid Rotor Balance Tolerances
- Shaft Key and Keyway Dimensions
- Tap and Drill Charts for Metric, Imperial and Pipe (NPS, NPT) threads
- Flange Dimensions (DIN 2501 and ANSI B16.5)
- UNC - UNF - UNEF Thread Designations
- Surface Roughness Parameters
- Pressure Booster Pump Flow Rate Calculator
- Pressure Booster Pump Pressure Calculator
- Pressure Booster Expansion Tank Capacity Calculator
- Geometric Tolerance Symbols
- O-ring Groove Dimensions
- O-ring Stretch Calculator
- Elastomer Temp. Ranges
- Pipe Diameter - Flow Rate - Velocity Calculator
- Pressure - Area - Force Calculator
- Air Receiver Calculator
- Pulley Diameter-Speed Calculator
- Gear, No. of Teeth and Speed Calculator

** Under Naval Architecture:
- Propeller Shaft Diameter Calculator
- Propeller Material Properties
- Rudder Shaft Diameter Calculator
- Rudder Torque Calculator
- Rudder Area Calculator
- RAL Color Codes
- Ship free Floating Body Motion Definitions

** Under Electrical:
- Electrical Power Calculator
- Galvanic Series
- Wire Gauge Specifications
- Electrical IP and Insulation Classes
- Resistor Color Codes
- DC Voltage, Resistance, Current, Power Calculator
- Series or Parallel Resistor, Conductor, Inductor Calculator

** Under HVAC:
- Air Flow Rate Calculator
- Air Change per Hour Table
- Air Carrying Velocity Table
- Hood Design Calculator
- Engine Room Ventilation Calculator according to EN ISO 8861
- Air Psychrometrics (SI and Imperial) Calculator
- Heat Loss by Conduction Calculator

** Under Mathematics:
- Interpolation
- Extrapolation
- Linear Curve Fitting
- 2 Equations - 2 Unknowns Solver
- Area Formulas
- Volume Formulas
- Greek Symbols
- Inch to mm and mm to Inch Conversion Table
- Number Base Calculator
- Algebraic Formulas - Derivatives - Integrals
- Trigonometric Formulas

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