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* "Everyone would like to have about one video camera '  'Silent choganpyeon shooting method, no screen support'  'While shooting equipment available for use widgets ...Read more >

BLACK CAM SD / Specifications

  • Price: Paid
  • Publish Date: 5/4/2014 00:00 UTC
  • Requires Android: 4.0 and up
  • Author: sosulstar
  • Size: 7.9M
  • Catagory: Media & Video
  • Latest Version: 3.7.0
  • Version history: BLACK CAM SD

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BLACK CAM SD / Description

* "Everyone would like to have about one video camera '
  'Silent choganpyeon shooting method, no screen support'
  'While shooting equipment available for use widgets choganpyeon stealth mode'
  'Enhanced security features and note that support video album
  'That can change icons freely shoot Black Gallery Widget'
  "The time taken to set up Black Stealth Widget '
  'Clock that can be used as a black clock widget'

* All of this is the black one cam SD.
* Top Paid Top 10 Media and Video section, top sales top 5!

- Distinguishing feature
1. Silent in the latest equipment, to support the black screen is a camcorder app.
Two. Widget application of the extension (complimentary) can be taken as the more diverse and interesting.
Three. Mostly stealth mode when shooting while shooting, you can use the unit.
   May receive a call or letter, and other applications is also available.
   (Please refer to the YouTube video.)
Four. Built-in memory, external memory storage location can be changed.
Five. In video album video provides a brief note.
Six. Set the password by providing strong security features.
Seven. Gallery or a movie set is available for applications exposed to.

- Usefulness
1. Movie recording important lectures. A brief note on the teaching input
Two. Car Black Box. Choganpyeon used as a black box to shoot.
Two. CCTV. Shooting hours (black stealth widget) until the desired hour CCTV recording
Three. Concerts, theater and shooting in public places. To someone in silence Shooting video recording does not interfere
Four. Incident, the scene of the accident up. Silence, do not miss the scene taken choganpyeon video recording
Five. Taken from the flip cover closed

- Resolution Features
1. Camera sound on / off setting is different depending on the resolution supported.
Two. On setting the camera sound
   : The unit supports all video resolutions are supported.
Three. Off camera sound settings
   : Up to 760 x 480 resolution support.

- Stealth mode shooting method (how to add widgets on the Android version, and the device may vary slightly difference.)
1. Push and hold in the desktop space
Two. Apps and select Add Widgets
Three. Select Tabs
Four. "Black Clock Widget", "black stealth widget", "black gallery widget" added to any of the desktop widget
Five. Add to start shooting at the click of a widget
Six. How to quit shooting: click the widget again, or made the status bar at the top, click the part of the space

- Black screen mode for shooting
1. Black Cam Installation
Two. Settings> Recording icon creation
Three. Shooting started shooting when you touch icons
Four. Camera zooming
   : Bolryul control button is
Five. Recording end
   : Click the power button

- Stealth mode, and features the kind of widget
1. "Black Gallery Widget"

: Use your own images of any shape can be created or run icon.
: Another application icon in the icon type can be created.
: Photos or background image can make the aekjahyeong.
: Using a transparent image can be completely invisible icons.

Two. "Black Clock Widget"

: Super clock function can be used.
: Through the clock can start recording.

Three. "Black Stealth widget"

: You can set the recording time in minutes.
: Set the time-lapse recording and automatically shuts down.

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