Call Log Monitor v3.0.2

Call Log Monitor v3.0.2

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Fully featured Call Manager with Dialer, Contacts and Optimized Call HistoryCall Log Monitor is the most complete and stable Dialer & Call Log replacement app. Take full control of your call ...Read more >

Call Log Monitor / Specifications

  • Price: Free
  • Publish Date: 11/6/2015 13:26 UTC
  • Requires Android: 4.0.3 and up
  • Author: Relay Software
  • Size: 3.4M
  • Catagory: Tools
  • Latest Version: 3.0.2
  • Version history: Call Log Monitor

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Call Log Monitor v3.0.2

Call Log Monitor / Description

Fully featured Call Manager with Dialer, Contacts and Optimized Call History
Call Log Monitor is the most complete and stable Dialer & Call Log replacement app.

Take full control of your call history.

Call Log Monitor key features
◆ Optimized database for fast loading and organizing your Call Log.
◆ Browse, Group, Filter and Search the history. Instantly!
◆ Fast, intuitive Dialer with T9 search and Speed Dial.
◆ List of Contacts, Favorites and Frequent Contacts.
◆ Meaningful statistics, per contact and per entire call history.
◆ Fast switch between Dialer, Call History, Contacts and Favorites.
◆ Auto-delete call logs
◆ Insert fake calls to Call History
◆ Beautifully designed UI

Call Log Monitor PRO features (available for upgrade)
◆ Unlock Infinite Call History (recorded from the moment you installed v3.0+)
◆ Backup and Restore your Infinite Call Log
◆ Lots of color schemes.

Detailed list of features
Optimized Call Log
- Quickly Search all the Call History with an ultra-fast algorithm
- Group by Contact, Date, Call Direction; groups are Collapsible / Expandable
- Sort the call history by Contact, Date or Call Direction
- Remove unwanted calls easily by selecting one by one or an entire group
- Apply filters by entry type (voice call / text message), date interval or call direction
- Quick actions appear if contact photo is pressed
- Swipe left/right actions (call/text message)
- Quick search by phone number or by name using T9 keys
- Speed Dial buttons (long press to dial)
- Long press 1 to dial Voice Mail
- DTMS codes
List of Contacts
- Have easy access to all your contacts
- Quickly search by contact name
- Navigate through long contact lists using the letter scroll
- Quick actions pop if you tap the contact’s photo
- Swipe left/right actions (voice call/text message)
- Large Contact Photos
- Long Press to Call
- Tap once for Quick Actions
- Favorites group and Frequently called contacts
Auto delete text messages and call history entries
- Delete call log immediately after call ended
- Add contacts, groups or unsaved phone numbers to your message / call deletion rule
- Setting to keep deleted records (auto delete vault)
Fake Call from anyone to your call log
- Create fake calls into your history
- Use any contact, number, date, duration
- Select incoming, outgoing or missed for the type of fake call inserted into your call log
- Display relevant statistics for each user or for the entire call history
- Export log to CSV or XML file formats
- Password protected sensitive settings
- You can hide the app icon (Warning! Using this setting makes the app completely invisible. Dial #9999 to bring it to front again.)

We’re also offering our users great support and we always look forward to improve our products based on our customers’ feedback. So feel free to contact us or send any inquiries to [email protected].

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Call Log Monitor / What's New in v3.0.2

All new Call Log Monitor!
We've just launched the best Call Management app.
Call Log Monitor is now packed with features, versatility and style:
- Smart Dialer with T9 search and speed dial
- List of Contacts, Favorites and Frequently Contacted
- Optimized Call History database for faster search, group, sort or filter
- Improved User Interface
PRO Features now available:
* Infinite Call History
* Backup and Restore the Call Log
* Lovely themes

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