Call Recorder v1.6.7

Call Recorder v1.6.7

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UNINSTALL A TRIAL VERSION BEFORE PURCHASEPlease, read the description. There's a link to a trial version!OK, Google from any screen can cause the problem with recording!The app is intended for ...Read more >

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  • Price: Paid
  • Publish Date: 3/15/2015 00:00 UTC
  • Requires Android: unknown
  • Author: skvalex
  • Size: unknown
  • Catagory: Tools
  • Latest Version: 1.6.7
  • Version history: Call Recorder

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Call Recorder v1.6.7

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Please, read the description. There's a link to a trial version!

OK, Google from any screen can cause the problem with recording!

The app is intended for automatic call recording from the phone line where supported by hardware and kernel.

Root access is a must for many phones, as manufacturers often won’t implement the required functionality.

There are 4 recording methods:
- Standard API
- CAF (root required)
- ALSA (root requried)
- Kernel (root required)

Standard API - method which doesn’t require root access. Check out every audio source before using. Many phones support recording using this method, from the microphone only (audio source “Microphone” should be selected).

CAF and ALSA - both methods require root access. Device settings in settings → recording are very important here. If your phone isn’t listed, select a device which has the same chipset as yours. The main difference between CAF and ALSA is that CAF doesn’t require ALSA installation, and supports more functions.

Kernel - recording method for phones based on old chipsets by Qualcomm; root is required. This method doesn’t guarantee 2 way call recording.

Which recording method is better?
Neither recording method can ensure that your calls will be recorded from the line; this is phone-specific. And you have to try and find out the one that fits your phone if it’s not auto-detected.

Where can I download a trial version?

• In call control
• Call confirm
• Exceptions
• After call actions dialog
• Search recordings
• Edit info about recordings
• Volume control
• Manual encryption for WAV recordings

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