Dungeon Ascendance Roguelike v2.1

Dungeon Ascendance Roguelike v2.1

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Dungeon RPG meets Roguelike meets Dungeon Puzzle game in Dungeon Ascendance!Not played before? Try before you buy: Free version available! (link below)"The perfect pocket-sized RPG" - ...Read more >

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Dungeon Ascendance Roguelike v2.1

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Dungeon RPG meets Roguelike meets Dungeon Puzzle game in Dungeon Ascendance!

Not played before? Try before you buy: Free version available! (link below)

"The perfect pocket-sized RPG" -

Choose one of twelve brave heroes then conquer a dungeon filled with monsters and loot! Use a tactical mixture of abilities, items, spells and cold, hard steel to fight your way to the exit. But beware! The stairs are guarded by a fearsome Dungeon Master who isn't planning on letting you past.

The full version features twelve classes with unique abilities, fifteen dungeons and a whole lot of tactical rpg-puzzle gameplay. You also get a full achievements system including unique challenges for every class.

If you completed the Free Version you can unlock your progress in this version - so you don't lose anything upgrading!

Brand new graphics from ShroomArts! Not exactly pixel art, but in the great tradition of 16-bit and console RPGs. Veterans note: the old tiles are still available from the Config menu.

So why do we call Dungeon Ascendance a roguelike puzzle game? DA has the random, proceedural level generation of a roguelike, the turn-based combat of a roguelike and the varied classes of a roguelike. But it also has the level-by-level, strategic 10-minute satisfaction of a puzzle game. There's never just 1 solution to a level but the game feels at least half a puzzle.

Sure, DA plays out differently to traditional roguelikes like nethack, ADOM, Dungeon Crawl or brogue but we like to think the heritage is still strong! Call it a strategic, dungeon-based, coffee-break, puzzle roguelike RPG if you will!

Compatible with Android phones and tablets. Care has been taken so the game runs well on low-end devices (HTC Wildfire etc.).

New tiles by ShroomArts ( Old tiles by the crawl-tiles project ( [CC Zero]. You guys make these kind of games possible. If you like a good roguelike, check out Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, now on Android & PC!


Reviews (free & paid):

"the perfect pocket-sized RPG for players who dont want sessions to drag on for hours" -

"Is it a good game for your fifteen minute coffee breaks? Yes. Is it a good game for the twelve hour road trip to attend a wedding you don't really want to? Yes, definitely." -

"a fun little romp through some classic dungeons" -

"Love it ! My favourite time killer !! Some of the classes are really-really challenging .. but I have all achievements unlocked now. Please update with new content! Can't wait !! 6 stars !!" - Google Play reviewer

"So much fun! Don't let the 16 bit graphics fool you! With regular updates that give you new goodies, this game just keeps getting better and better! Keep up the good work!" - Google Play reviewer

"Expect numb legs during toilet breaks!" - Google Play reviewer

"Rogue like Awesome!" - Google Play reviewer

"Please make a dungeon ascendance game for the desktop PC. I would play it to death." - email review

"Good remake Of old school dungeon- crawlers for android. I'm very happy i found it." - Google Play reviewer

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