Score More Baseball v0.2.1

Score More Baseball v0.2.1

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Rally harder, rally longer, and score more runs! The days of paper scoresheets are gone. Score More simplifies the scoring of baseball games and brings the power of Moneyball to your team. Whether you ...Read more >

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Score More Baseball v0.2.1

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Rally harder, rally longer, and score more runs!
The days of paper scoresheets are gone. Score More simplifies the scoring of baseball games and brings the power of Moneyball to your team. Whether you play hardball, softball, fastball, fastpitch, slo-pitch, 3-pitch, or any other form of baseball, Score More accurately scores your games and does all your stat tracking. The app then optimizes your batting order using the same techniques as Moneyball. The result is that your team will enjoy longer rallies, strand fewer runners, and score more runs.

Keep it simple.
Scorekeeping baseball games has never been easier. Easily and accurately score the game by quickly capturing the data that matters most. Is the batter on base or out? Where did they hit the ball? What was the result of the play? That's it. Quick, easy, accurate.

Free to try.
Download the app and hit Demo to explore everything it has to offer. Tap the button for Next Game to get a feel for scoring a game or drill down into the stats to see the top players in each category, spray charts for individual players, and much, much more. When you're ready, hit the Sign Up button, enter the email address and password you'd like to use for your team, then start adding games to your Schedule and adding players to your Roster. The stats you generate are stored in the cloud, so you can log in on any phone and always be up to date. Score up to three games for free and both the coach and players get free unlimited access to the stats for your team.

Download Now. Rally harder, rally longer, and score more runs with Score More!

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Research shows that when using the optimizations of Moneyball, also known as sabermetrics, professional teams have generated on average, about 20% more runs per game. Score More allows your amateur, recreational, or youth baseball team to do the same. After just three games, there’s enough data for the app to start optimizing your lineup. With the same players and same number of hits, Score More creates the batting order that helps your team make the most out of what you’ve got.

Let there be peace.
One of the advantages of statistics? By setting the lineup according to the performance of each player, Score More helps resolve team disputes by making the computer the bad guy – everyone knows where they are batting and why. No more disputes about why Johnny is batting first or awkward conversations about why Frank is batting last. Fuel some healthy competition on the team and give players the tools they need to better their game and climb their way up the order.

Statistics, spray charts, and more!
For coaches, Score More is an app for scoring the game, tracking team statistics, and optimizing the batting order. For players, Score More is an app to track their personal progress and see how they’re doing in relation to the rest of the team. Get a detailed view of your personal stats throughout the season including spray chart, batting average, on base percentage, slugging, and dozens of other stat categories like singles, doubles, triples, home runs, walks, and stolen bases.

Box score.
When the game is done, the app automatically generates the box score, which can be emailed to the league organizer, reporting the results of the game and a summary of the scoring. It’s also a handy way of going back in time to see the hitting of each player in any past game… especially useful when you’ve got a rematch coming up against an opponent and you want to scout their players!

Score More Baseball / What's New in v0.2.1

New Features
- Can now score and track the stats for the other team!
- Click the batter's name to quickly / easily access their spray chart. Put your defensive shift into action!
- Even more advanced stats! wOGA, GPA, and ISO
Bug Fixes
-we re-load the coach every time you log in
-support emails are sent from you now
-fixed issue where the record shows out of sync with team’s actual record
-improved scrolling support on big dialogs for smaller screen devices
-error message when add game fails

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