SailGrib WR - Weather Routing v1.9.1

SailGrib WR - Weather Routing v1.9.1

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SailGrib WR is an easy to use sailing weather routing app with a very sophisticated engine under the hood.It is designed for recreational cruisers or demanding racers.It calculates the fastest sailing ...Read more >

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SailGrib WR - Weather Routing v1.9.1

SailGrib WR - Weather Routing / Description

SailGrib WR is an easy to use sailing weather routing app with a very sophisticated engine under the hood.
It is designed for recreational cruisers or demanding racers.
It calculates the fastest sailing route to your destination along a route with waypoints.

The app has earned the following distinctions :
- designed for Iridium GO! and Approved by Iridium - january 2015
- Voiles et Voiliers - use it while cruising or racing - November 2014
- Yachting World - "impressive" - July 2014
- Transatlantic race The Cape - Rio 2014 - The Sun Fast 3200 Yolo winner in class 2
- Fastnet 2015 - The JPK1010 winner in IRC3

It now includes:
- the Météo France models:
- Arpege - Global 0.5°
- Arpege - Europe - High Resolution 0.1°
- Arome - France - Ultra High Resolution 0.025°
- a full set of atlases of tidal currents for all the European coasts. A SailGrib WR exclusivity.
- a tide module which calculates and displays tides level predictions around the world.
- a virtual regatta option to help you win games

In SailGrib WR, you can specify amongst other parameters:
- the wind grib file: SailGrib WR includes the regular SailGrib features.
- the start, the destination points and intermediary waypoints
- the departure date and time,
- the speed polar file of your boat. SailGrib WR uses regular Maxsea polar files (.pol extension)
SailGrib WR includes a set of more than 100 polar files for different sailboats.
- wind limits up and downwind
- minimum upwind angle for comfort while cruising
- night efficiency loss for cruising
- mixed routing: use your engine if you are too slow sailing.
- the current

Before you purchase this app, you might want to try the free version which is fully functional but with some limitations.

Important note:
Grib files are computer-generated forecast files which are sent without review, and are offered on an as-is basis. There is no assurance that the data is accurate or correct. By using such data, you acknowledge and agree to these limitations.
The weather routing module is for planning purpose only and should not be used for navigation. The map used by the weather routing algorithm is very coarse and for example does not include all the islands.
By using these data and this algorithm you agree to these limitations and assume all the responsibility for their use.

SailGrib WR - Weather Routing / What's New in v1.9.1

V1.9.1 - 17 Dec 2015
- nogozone bug correction
V1.9.0 - 16 Dec 2015
- NOAA online charts
- custom mbtiles charts
- offline mode
- night mode
- bug correction
V1.8.0 - 02 Dec 2015
- added many new parameters and options to the weather routing
* pivot points
* weather routing max duration
* tack or gybe penalty
* time offset for the grib file
* virtual regatta mode
- distance tool

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