New Reveil v1.0

New Reveil v1.0

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You will be woken up every time !!Gently or not , it's up to you do decide. ________________________ Make your life easier !! Enter a time, and "NEW REVEIL" will set for you up to 6 alarms every 10 ...Read more >

New Reveil / Specifications

  • Price: Paid
  • Publish Date: 2/22/2016 20:49 UTC
  • Requires Android: 4.0.3 and up
  • Author: WAKEUP-MILLE
  • Size: 10M
  • Catagory: Lifestyle
  • Latest Version: 1.0
  • Version history: New Reveil

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New Reveil v1.0

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You will be woken up every time !!
Gently or not , it's up to you do decide.


Make your life easier !!

Enter a time, and "NEW REVEIL" will set for you up to 6 alarms every 10 minutes.
Gradually louder and more difficult to turn off, depending on the level you choose.

Fall asleep serenely, you will be woken up just as you wish.
Often quiet, sometimes less.

An unexpected change of schedule? Offset all of your alarm times in less than 5 seconds.

And not much longer if you decide to change the alarm style for a more ... tonic one.

Several alarms styles are pre-set.

For a normal day, a special day
or a hard day.
Or for the weekend or a nap.

Change the alarm-clock, the level will also change.

If you want to edit a level, select it in the list, and change the height of each point.

Level 1 : Very progressive music , that you can stop with a single sweep.

Level 2 : Standard alarm , easy to stop .

Level 3 and 4 : Alarms is increasingly strong and difficult to stop .

The games are not obligatory.

Create your own levels !!

You can select, for each point :

- Your favorite music ( Or the first 6 ).
- Your voice ( or your boss's one ).
- The sounds of the phone.
- One of the app's quiet sounds.
- Or one of the other more efficient sounds.

More :

- An emergency alarm clock, very user-friendly. Designed to wake you whatever happens, or almost.
( you can also create your own rescue level )
- The possibility to automatically replay the latest alarm if your phone doesn't move.
- You can also be notified if no alarms are activated for the next day.

Memorize the sounds, voices or musics you love.
Create and save your levels. Or slide them to the left to remove them.

Practice with the "training" level.


Enjoy the setup, have a Good night and a Great Awakening .


Coming very soon.

- An automatic mode for manage your daily alarms.
- Skins and widgets.
- More customisable levels.
- More sounds to choose from.
- Choose a picture for your awakening ( sweet or scary ).
- More games.
- Your voice during your awakening with music.
- Battery backup mode.
- Brightness adjustment.
- A random mode for your music.
- Airplane mode that turns off with the alarm clock.
- A horizontal mode.
- Compatibility with docking stations.
- More languages and other OS.
- An advanced mode !!!

And even more .

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