My Library Manager v4.4.3

My Library Manager v4.4.3

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My Library Manager v4.4.3

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Please help to improve by making new feature request, reporting bugs or being engaged in beta testing at Google Plus Community

Major features at a glance:

- Book list: Maintain your book collection with more than 25 fields to store book details
- Book cover: Automatic download from GoogleBooks/OpenLibrary/LibraryThing OR use your own picture from gallery OR take and save cover picture with your phone camera
- Bar code scanner: Ability to directly add/edit/search books by scanning bar/QR code
- Online book info retrieval: Get detail book info online from GoogleBooks or OpenLibrary based on ISBN
- Book search: Search books in GoogleBooks by title/author/isbn
- Track your reading: Track the progress of the books you are currently reading or finished reading. Maintain your internal ratings/reviews about the book
- Track Books: Track the books you loaned to somebody or you wish to buy in near future
- Sync between devices: Maintain same book list among different devices, share your catalog with friends and family (this is paid feature, AU$3/month)
- Backup/Import/Export: Very easy to backup your database, import from CSV files or export to use in other devices
- Schedulers: Different schedulers to schedule database backup and Server Sync
- Miscellaneous: Touch function to swipe through books. UTF-8 encoding to allow you to work with non-English books. Detail view and list view. Filter/sort book collection.

Feature Details:

With My Library Manager, you can track and manage your book collection in your personal or official library. You can store detail information about the books with more than 25 information fields to store. You can also maintain your internal ratings and reviews on different books you read.

You can use barcode scanner to scan and add books to your library. The App will retrieve detail book info online from Google Books/Open Library based on your choice (sometimes this online libraries store multiple books with same ISBN, so it is recommended to check the retrieved information before saving). It can also download book covers automatically from any of the 3 online libraries. However if you like, you can also use your own cover image from gallery or take cover picture with your phone camera.

With this App, it is very easy to track your reading progress, list of the books that you have finished reading. You can list all the books you have loaned to somebody with details and dates. In the Wishlist section, you can keep record of books that you are planning to collect in future.

The App allows you to search any book in Google Books and see the details and public rating. There is option to add books to your library directly from your search result. You can always search/filter/sort within your library catalog based on different criteria.

With user friendly settings and options, you can very easily backup your database or import/export your book list in different format or delete any particular collection of books by their ID.

If you are planning to use this App in multiple devices and maintain sync between them, or you want your library catalog to be available to a group of people, you can take advantage of Server Sync feature which mirrors your library catalog in our server and share with the people you want. If you are running any kind of public library, it is a very handy feature to keep your members updated all the time. However, this specific feature comes with a cost of AUD 3 per month to compensate server maintenance fee.

My Library Manager / What's New in v4.4.3

It is recommended for everyone to upgrade to version 4.4 for below Major Bug fix:
- App crashes while editing book, or inside MyList section
This version also comes with below additional features:
- "Finished Reading" list
- GoogleBooks and LibraryThing are added with OpenLibrary as cover source
- OpenLibrary is added as option for online book info retrieval with GoogleBooks
- Periodic backup of database and selective deletion of database backups
- Scheduled sync with online catalog

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