Nuclear Cyan CM12.1 Theme v3.0

Nuclear Cyan CM12.1 Theme v3.0

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Nuclear UI Theme What's Included/Themed:✔ Support for CM12/CM12.1/Euphoria/AOSIP/Liquid Smooth/NamelessRom/Illusion ROMs✔ Themed over 42 apps!✔ Themed Framework (switches/checkboxes/styles)✔ ...Read more >

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Nuclear Cyan CM12.1 Theme v3.0

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Nuclear UI Theme

What's Included/Themed:
✔ Support for CM12/CM12.1/Euphoria/AOSIP/Liquid Smooth/NamelessRom/Illusion ROMs
✔ Themed over 42 apps!
✔ Themed Framework (switches/checkboxes/styles)
✔ Completely new flat Android keyboard
✔ Updated minimalistic Settings cards layout
✔ New material style notifications
✔ Updated Quick Tiles
✔ Volume Scrubbers
✔ New gallery and desk clock look
✔ Launcher Icons
✔ Android M Bootanimation
✔ Android M Thin Font
✔ Notification Sound / Ringtone / Alarm
✔ Data Usage/Battery settings menu
✔ Navigation bar buttons
✔ Dialer & Contacts
✔ Calculator design

How to?
Make sure you installed latest CM12/12.1 release.
Download the theme, go to Settings => Themes = > Theme packs
Find the Nuclear Theme and click it.
Select all checkboxes and hit update
Reboot twice. Done!

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Completely new, fresh look of your phone.
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Big thanks to xda developers forum members and Cyanogenmod community.

Nuclear Cyan CM12.1 Theme / What's New in v3.0

-Many bugfixes to system styles
-Fixed gmail and hangouts notifications
-New System UI and Framework icons
-Fixed Settings icons
-New Setings cards layout
-Themed Whatsapp
-Themed Instagram
-Themed SuperSU
-Themed Twitter
-New Icons in launcher
-Android M Bootanimation + Font
-Fix possible inverted text colors
-More visible Google play music color
-Trimed nav buttons for lower ram usage than any other theme!
-Added support for Euphoria/AOSIP/Liquid Smooth/NamelessRom/Illusion ROMs

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