Zooper Wear - Omate Edition v4.0

Zooper Wear - Omate Edition v4.0

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*****THIS IS NOT A STANDALONE APP***** FEATURES> Notification icons for SMS/GMail/Calls & more!> Time/Date> Wi-Fi/Mobile Data indicators¹> Weather/Temperature> Phone Battery ...Read more >

Zooper Wear - Omate Edition / Specifications

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Zooper Wear - Omate Edition v4.0

Zooper Wear - Omate Edition / Description


> Notification icons for SMS/GMail/Calls & more!
> Time/Date
> Wi-Fi/Mobile Data indicators¹
> Weather/Temperature
> Phone Battery percentage/Charging indicator¹
> Upcoming Calendar Events
> Dark/Light themes
¹ = Change dynamically depending on whether or not they're in-use

> Omate TrueSmart watch with the ability to sideload the Play Store
> Zooper Pro->
> 3rd-party Launcher (example: Nova)

1) Install 3rd-party Launcher (recommended - "Nova Launcher")
2) Install Zooper Pro & Tasker
3) Follow the Launcher & Zooper setup below
4) Install Zooper Wear - Omate Edition
5) Create a 4X4 Zooper Widget on your Homescreen
6) Within the Zooper Widget setup, select any of the templates
7) Still within Zooper, change the scale according to the "preview" image of the Template selected
8) Follow the Tasker setup->
That's it!
Return to your Homescreen & Zooper Wear - Omate should now be present

*Nova Settings*:
> Desktop Grid-> 4X4
> Width Margin-> None
> Height Margin-> None
> Persistent Search Bar-> None
> Scroll Indicator-> None

> Enable Dock-> Disabled
> Show Divider-> Disabled

Look & Feel
> Show Notification Bar-> Disabled
> Transparent Notification Bar-> Disabled

*Zooper Widget Pro Settings*:
> Global Preferences-> Standby Updates-> Enabled

- App has no App icon itself
- If you can't get it working, EMail me & I'll be happy to help

- Designed primarily for use with an Omate TrueSmart in "standalone" mode (with a SIM inside it), though can be used without, as long as it has a Data connection
- This Widget is made for use on an Omate TrueSmart Watch & will not look right if installed on a phone.

===== ===== ===== =====
- How can I get Notification Counts for Google+, FaceBook, FaceBook Messenger, Hangouts & WhatsApp?
- If you've ROOT'ed your Omate & it's running Android 4.3+, download "Zooper Wear Notifications AddOn"->

Answers to those & more FAQ's:

Zooper Wear - Omate Edition / What's New in v4.0

> Added the ability to use this App on ROOT'ed Omate TrueSmart devices instead of needing to buy the "ROOT" version
> 3rd-party App Notifications (for the ROOT'ed devices) no longer require Tasker!
You'll need my new Notification AddOn App->

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