IceBlink RPG (RPG Creation) v1.04

IceBlink RPG (RPG Creation) v1.04

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IceBlink RPG EngineStory and Turn-based role playing game (RPG) engine implementing a classic old-school computer RPG style.Do you have a great story idea that you have wanted to get out of your head ...Read more >

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IceBlink RPG (RPG Creation) v1.04

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IceBlink RPG Engine

Story and Turn-based role playing game (RPG) engine implementing a classic old-school computer RPG style.

Do you have a great story idea that you have wanted to get out of your head and into a cRPG? This may be the project that helps you share that story.

Comes with Lanterna 2 - Chapter 1 as a demo module (3-5 hours of game play).

Now you can play, create and share your own IceBlink (IB) adventures! This app will allow you to play any IB adventure that you or others create. In order to create an IB adventure, you will need to download the free IceBlink RPG Toolset which is a program for Windows XP, 7, or 8. The toolset will create all the files needed by this IceBlink RPG app to play your creation.

visit our website for links and more info on the toolset:

To Play: to play the included demo adventure module, Lanterna 2, no additional requirements are needed. To play modules made by others, you need to have the ability and a basic understanding of how to find and move files on your android device (there are many great android apps for file/folder managing on Google Play).
To Create: The free IceBlink RPG Toolset is a Windows PC application so you need a Windows XP, 7, or 8 system to run the Toolset. You also need to have a way to transfer your project folder from your PC to your Android device. Patience, friendly attitude and a willing to join the community on the forums goes a long way in learning the Toolset and helping each other out to improve the project going forward.

The IceBlink RPG app comes with Lanterna 2 - chapter 1 as a demo module. Launch the app and click on "Play" to try out this 3-5 hour demo. As other modules are created by you and the community, download and play them as well. Unlimited amount of adventures are possible!

Visit our website to find a link to the free download of the IceBlinkRPG Toolset (Windows PC application). You don't even need to purchase this app to try the Toolset and see what you think. This app is need in order to test and play your adventure modules that you create with the Toolset. Check out the Builder's Guide to get started with the Toolset and make your first IceBlink RPG adventure module. I'm also working on putting together a short video tutorial on how to make a simple adventure module with the toolset (stay tuned).

After completing and testing your module, upload your file to share with others and our small and enthusiastic community of players and builders. Visit or website for more information on where to post your creations.

IceBlink RPG Features:
- designed for phones, but scales well on tablets.
- low price, NO ads and NO in-app purchase stuff.
- turn-based combat similar in style to the SSI Gold Box games.
- great RPG story telling conversation system.
- single player RPG (you control all party members) game.

The IceBlink Engine is inspired by some of my favorite cRPGs (many being old retro style RPGs) such as the SSI Gold Box Games, original Bard's Tale, Ultima, and the Infinity Engine games (like Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale) and my 6+ years of experience with building adventure modules in Neverwinter Nights 1 and 2.

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