Migraine Buddy v11.5

Migraine Buddy v11.5

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#1 Migraine and Headache App on Google Play TechCrunch loves it! Migraine Buddy is an advanced migraine headache diary and tracking app designed ...Read more >

Migraine Buddy / Specifications

  • Price: Free
  • Publish Date: 5/18/2015 06:56 UTC
  • Requires Android: 4.0 and up
  • Author: Healint
  • Size: 15M
  • Catagory: Medical
  • Latest Version: 11.5
  • Version history: Migraine Buddy

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Migraine Buddy v11.5

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#1 Migraine and Headache App on Google Play

TechCrunch loves it!

Migraine Buddy is an advanced migraine headache diary and tracking app designed by neurologists and data scientists. More than a migraine journal, Migraine Buddy helps users record and identify triggers of migraine, migraine symptoms, migraine medication, migraine frequency and duration, pain intensity and location, medications for migraine, and other lifestyle factors so users can improve their migraine condition. Migraine Buddy provides an easy to read summary report for users to take appropriate action. Migraine Buddy also features an intelligent sleep diary that allows users to see the correlation between their sleep and migraines via a newly introduced sleep graph.

- Easy to use, beautifully designed interface and icons with wizard style questionnaires that guides users through the recording
- Record ongoing and past migraines
- Quick tapping motion to answer the questionnaire

- Quick access to skip and record entries at a later time

- Customized reports including frequency and duration, pain intensity, pain location, migraine triggers, migraine symptoms and helps to understand the effectiveness of migraine medications and other relief methods
- Acts like a migraine journal that helps to identify migraine triggers such as stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, food, weather, menstruation, etc.
- Notes section to keep track of food, specific weather conditions or barometric pressure, mood, etc.
- Add custom fields to the questionnaire so it becomes a permanent option for users
- Automatically detects and records sleep activity
- Correlates sleep and behavior information to onset of migraines

- Data is secured and protected by HIPAA-compliant cloud

Migraine Buddy / What's New in v11.5

- Requires access to your contacts for the new “Buddy” function (We do not store anything!) all test users loved this new function. You should see how convenient it is too.
- INFORM SILENTLY about your migraine: the "Buddy" function is BETA. Have fun, and tell us how you like it.
- SHARE POSITIVE news!: through the "Buddy" Function too.
- TELL A FRIEND: You can send invitations to Migraine Buddy.
- Easier acces to configurations and setup.

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