GEAK OS-Launcher,Dialer,SMS v4.0.15177

GEAK OS-Launcher,Dialer,SMS v4.0.15177

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No more will you have to search for apps to use for your daily needs! GEAK OS is an all-in-one suite consisting of not just a launcher, but also a dialer, news feed, and a beautiful interface which is ...Read more >

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GEAK OS-Launcher,Dialer,SMS v4.0.15177

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No more will you have to search for apps to use for your daily needs! GEAK OS is an all-in-one suite consisting of not just a launcher, but also a dialer, news feed, and a beautiful interface which is not just easy to use, but also convenient.

Designed by people who care, GEAK OS is a launcher aimed at your needs. At a single tap, you can have your very own launcher, along with a suite of useful apps, all in one installation. With features like free cloud messaging, a real-time news feed, and contacts backup too, your life is made more efficient.


At the heart of the Android operating system is the launcher. To make an Android device easier to use, the GEAK team developed GEAK OS with the intent of making Android devices more efficient and comfortable in performing daily tasks. GEAK OS, being a launcher will not be unique without the various other features and modules packed into it. The dialer, contacts app, and messaging app are all integrated within the launcher, significantly reducing the load time when one uses a third-party launcher along with the device. This makes it faster to perform operations such as sending texts or making calls. With an integrated news feed in the launcher, headlines are just a swipe away. GEAK OS also has a unique interface which will make interaction fun and easier for you.

Key features of GEAK OS

GEAK LAUNCHER is the heart of GEAK OS, and is a simple and functional launcher which places apps you use often on the first page, so as to make your life easier. You could also choose online wallpapers based on your own personality. On the launcher, you could quickly reach to the following GEAK apps, such as dialer, message, news, cloud, market.

GEAK DIALER is a clean and simple to use dialer which also has call logs and contacts integrated. Fuzzy searching also makes it easier to reach your contacts without manually looking for them in your contacts list. Also, blacklist helps you prevent phishing calls or telemarketing. So, easily get to know who is calling and avoid the bother from picking unwanted calls and decline them. With this quick dialer, calling could become easier and more convenient.

GEAK MESSAGE is a fast and fun messaging app. With new designed message box interface, this app provides you various interesting emoticons.

GEAK NEWS is a news feed widget integrated into the left side of the launcher. It shows the latest headlines from all over the world, and is just a swipe away.

GEAK CLOUD is a contacts backup storage for you to easily sync your contacts without worrying about losing anything while transferring from device to device.

GEAK MARKET is a marketplace that shows you recommended apps and hot apps from around the web.

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GEAK OS-Launcher,Dialer,SMS / What's New in v4.0.15177

[Add] Add folder batch operation
[Upgrade] Apply new icon mechanism and change the Icon adaptation rules to support icon package.
[Add] Mark a red dot in the right top of new installed apps
[Add] Add the function to break up folder
[Add] Add open animation depending on the location of apps in the launcher.
[Add] AddTag stranger in the cloud
[Add] Show tag on the call log and details.
[Update] Incoming floating window could be moved up and down.

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