Missile War Simulator v1.0.8

Missile War Simulator v1.0.8

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Finally,『Missile War Simulator』 comes with better price! This is 3D based strategy-simulation game.It is assumed that the world use only missiles without army,navy. It means Military Budget will ...Read more >

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Missile War Simulator v1.0.8

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Finally,『Missile War Simulator』 comes with better price!

This is 3D based strategy-simulation game.
It is assumed that the world use only missiles without army,navy. It means Military Budget will be used for only Missiles.

You will be elected as the president of the country which you choose. command attack on anybody you want.
make them merged into your country, colonized, or abandoned.

There is Domestic Law system which controls country's growth rate, stability. manage country's population,GDP(Gross Domestic Product) by making them legal or illegal. it influences other things such as 'Country Stability'.
You lose if 'Country's Stability' is 0%(curved guage bar on the bottom-left side). the other way, decrease their Stability to occupy. if a country's stability reaches 0%, the country will be automatically merged into the best attacker.

There are 2 game modes provided. two of them are currently available, one is under development. one of them is 'normal mode' has nothing special. another one is 'Asteroid Impact mode'. an asteroid is scheduled to collide with the earth within several years. a lot of countries will have damage by that. your country could be one of them.

- All countries are available.
- Occupy 50% of cities for win.

※This game has no InApp Product.
※This game is English Version.

★How To Play★

1. Select one of the countries.
2. Check out the country's status and the quantity of missile holding amount.
3. Produce missiles to use. (please, make sure that missile's unit cost isn't high but the missiles have maintenance expenses so produce missiles considerably.)
4. Attack them using Pincer Movement and Intelligence(Spy) fuctions.
5. if player makes too many enemys at the start or raise too many missile attacks, it will affect the countries around the target. This may lead the game to "fail".
6. Merge and colonize the countries and take win!


Q : When does the game end?
A game automatically ends if the player occupys 50% of the world or the player country's stability(bottom-left side curved bar) reaches Zero.

Q : Some countries are brown, and I can't attack on them.
A : If AI country's population is one or stability is zero, the AI country is forced to be belong to the country whose applied most damage.

Q : Domestic Law changes itself !
A : It is designed to change itself by the political opponents (game concept) so player must manage the laws properly.

Q : What is different between Mergence and Colonization?
A : Mergence makes player absorb the target country's population, gdp. Colonization makes player get some of budget of the target country everytime since the colonization. Colonized country will never grow anymore. the friendship decrements between Mergence and Colonization is different.

Q : How to reach a cease-fire agreement?
A : There is no manageable agreement by player because it is vexatious on mobile platform. Friendships will recover itself as time goes on so do not attack the targets impatiently. Friendships may also be recovered by the Peace Conference that holds on a regular cycle.

★"Tutorial" and "Sandbox Mode" are underdevelopment

Customer Service (bug report, wrong translation etc.)
[email protected]

Developer's Email
[email protected]

Missile War Simulator / What's New in v1.0.8

Version 1.0.8
- shows country's stability(%) on the curved stability bar.
- will not show news about ruined countries.
Version 1.0.7
- Some missing translation problems has fixed.
Version 1.0.6
- 'Missile production and cancel on loaded game' bug fixed.

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