Scientific Calculator Plus v1.6.7.54

Scientific Calculator Plus v1.6.7.54

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Scientific Calculator Plus is a powerful mathematical tool to do mathematical analysis and evaluate complicated mathematical expressions similar to Matlab. More than Matlab, it has capability to take ...Read more >

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Scientific Calculator Plus v1.6.7.54

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Scientific Calculator Plus is a powerful mathematical tool to do mathematical analysis and evaluate complicated mathematical expressions similar to Matlab. More than Matlab, it has capability to take photo of printed math expressions and recognize them to do further analysis. It supports complex number, matrix, (higher level) integration, 2D, polar and 3D chart, string, programming (using a easy-to-use language called MFP), file operation and unit conversion. It can run in both Android phones and tablets, PC or MAC with JAVA ready (Scientific Calculator for JAVA does not support math recognition). And it is able to build independent app from an MFP function, whether on an Android device or on a PC with JAVA support. So far only AIDE is able to create APK on Android device. But AIDE is for JAVA programming, which is much more complicated than MFP.

Main capabilities:
1. Math recognition: User enters into Smart Calculator and then clicks the camera button to take photo of one or more than one printed math expressions to recognize. User is able to choose to calculate or plot graph or simply use the recognized text as input. Scientific Calculator Plus supports the following expressions: 1. Addition; 2. Subtraction; 3. Multiplication; 4. Division; 5. Fractions; 6. Roots; 7. Multiple linear expressions; 8. Trigonometry; 9. Polynomials; 10. Exponents; 11. Algebra; 12. Integration; 13. Summation; 14. Product; 15. Matrix and 16. Complex value. User can also send email to us if the recognized result is not satisfactory.

2. Back-end math engine: Scientific Calculator Plus supports complex number, matrix, integration and is able to solve multi-variable linear equations, polynomials (up to 6 order) and other simple functions.
Example to input matrix: [[1,2],[3,4]], where [1,2] and [3,4] are 2 rows in the 2*2 matrix.
Example to input complex number: 8.71 - 5.44i where i is the image unit, the times operator, which is *, between 5.44 and i can be ignored. If ignored, no space is allowed between 5.44 and i;
Example to input integral: integrate("x**2", "x", 0, 1) (definite integral of x square from x = 0 to 1) or integrate("x**2","x") (indefinte integral of x square).

3. Graph engine: This app is able to plot 2D, plor or 3D chart. In smart calculator, user inputs the expressions and Scientific Calculator Plus automatically identifies the number of variables (2 variables means 2D chart or polar chart, depending on variable name; 3 variables results in 3D chart) in the expressions and draws corresponding graph. Scientfic Calculator Plus also provides stand alone tools to draw complicated graphs and a set of functions to draw charts from command line.

4. Programming: This app is actually a shell of programming language called MFP. This language internally supports string, complex number and matrix and is able to call all the built-in functions and all the user-defined libs stored in AnMath/scripts folder in SD card. This programming language also provides a complete set of file operation functions and time / date functions. Theoretically, user can do anything using this programming tool in an Android device.

5. Building independent apps: User is able to select a function (whether developed by user or internal) and build an independent app from it. After that APK file is created, user can sign it and publish it in Google play or any other app distribution site. This feature is available in both Scientific Calculator Plus for Android and Scientific Calculator Plus for JAVA. In other words, user is able to conveniently create APK file on an Android device or on a PC.

Scientific Calculator Plus / What's New in v1.6.7.54

* Release graph API functions, plot_2d_curves, plot_polor_curves and plot_3d_surfaces to users.
* A new example to plot Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower has been added in the "Plot 3D chart" tool. User can simply tap the menu button and select "Fill Example" to run it.
* Users are allowed to purchase ad-free building allowance (6 allowances in one purchase) so that their MFP app does not show any ads;
* Improved system function;
* A number of bug fixes;

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