Necklace of Skulls – Gamebook v2.2

Necklace of Skulls – Gamebook v2.2

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*** Pocket Gamer BRONZE AWARD! ***Embark on a dangerous and exhilarating quest into the far reaches of the ancient Mayan civilization.Create your own myth!This epic digital recreation of Dave Morris ...Read more >

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Necklace of Skulls – Gamebook v2.2

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*** Pocket Gamer BRONZE AWARD! ***

Embark on a dangerous and exhilarating quest into the far reaches of the ancient Mayan civilization.
Create your own myth!

This epic digital recreation of Dave Morris’s seminal choose-your-own-adventure gamebook contains exciting new features, gameplay, artwork and music.


* Play as a warrior, huntress, wayfarer or sorceress.
* Multiple save slots: Play with different characters in up to three stories at once.
* Innovative combat system never before seen in a digital gamebook.
* Animated illustrations depicting scenes from the story.
* Rich, branching narrative that offers huge replay value.
* No dice: All the action is based on your skills and decisions.
* Full soundtrack and sound effects deliver a vibrant atmosphere.

In this interactive novel known as a "gamebook", you will plunge into the strange, dreamlike wonders of Mayan myth. You will confront ghosts and gods, bargain for your life against wily demons and find allies and enemies among both the living and the dead. Even if you're brave enough to survive the dangers of the spirit-haunted western desert, you must still confront the wizard, "Necklace of Skulls", in a fight to the death for your very own soul.


A perilous expedition meets with disaster. The sole survivor returns with dreadful news: your twin brother is dead. You swear vengeance upon his killer, the terrifying demon-wizard known only as Necklace of Skulls - a quest that will take you to the edge of the known world and beyond.

Drawing heavily upon authentic Mayan history coupled with an engaging fantasy adventure narrative, this gamebook changes the definition of interactive fiction forever.

Originally part of renowned author and game designer Dave Morris’s celebrated Virtual Reality series of choose-your-own-adventure gamebooks, Necklace of Skulls dispenses with dice rolling and luck, and instead puts your survival skills to the test in a lush and vibrant life-changing experience.

Necklace of Skulls has been recreated for touchscreen devices with all-new features including beautiful animated artwork from international award-winning graphic designer and illustrator Xavier Mula, save game options, an exclusive soundtrack and multiple characters to choose from.

Take a journey that you’ll never forget in Necklace of Skulls.

Undesired performance may occur on old devices due to memory issues.


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