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Dinosaur Math v2.1

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THE MATH Times Tables up to 100 X 100 THE FACTS Have benevolent aliens been watching this planet since the dawn of time?Did they rescue as many dinosaurs as they could before the (K-T) extinction ...Read more >

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Times Tables up to 100 X 100


Have benevolent aliens been watching this planet since the dawn of time?
Did they rescue as many dinosaurs as they could before the (K-T) extinction event 66 million years ago?
And then did these very same aliens then transport the rescued dinosaurs to safety on other planets?
In fact is there a secret alien base on Mars with dinosaurs living in it, managed by robot girls?
And have aliens established a secret dinosaur sanctuary on an Island in the Bermuda Triangle?

I think we know the answer to all the above questions is an unquestionable yes, don't we.


Little Mia Maximo, an Italian girl from Rome has found herself caught up in this story whilst sailing her yacht around the world, which was beached on an island in the Bermuda Triangle after a storm. This island is not marked on Mia's navigation charts, something is not quite right, it looks more like an alien dinosaur sanctuary!
Can you help her collect the correct Number-Cubes which contain fuel to power a flying saucer, so she can get back to Rome, her family and her pet tortoises.
Beware, entering the wrong Number-Cubes onto the spinny-things in the control room might cause a quantum-paralex error to occur in Robot-Girl's Neural-Network brain, and she may just activate the Dinosaur Elevator and release a hungry dinosaur into the sanctuary.


-Find and enter the control room.
-Robot Girl will give you a multiplication sum on the large screen.
-Work out the answer to the sum and the number-cubes you require to enter onto the spinny-things for fuelling the flying saucer.
-Leave the control room and search the island for the active number-cube generator, which will be emitting number-cubes, you will know it, when you see it.
-Pick up the number-cubes you need, (you can carry 6 number cubes at once), but you must be quick because they don't last very long floating on their own. Use the pick-up button to pick-up the cubes.
-Carry the number-cubes back to the control room and put them on the spinny things, stand on the pad facing the correct spinny-thing and press the place button. From right to left spinny-things are Units, 10's,100's,1000's,10 000's,100 000's. Obviously number-cubes will automatically synchronise with spinny things so you don't need to worry about manually calibrating the anti-gravitational flux fields.
-Happy in the knowledge you have the right number-cubes synchronised with their respective spinny-things, proceed up the ramp onto the raised platform in the centre of the control room and stand on the Enter-Pad. The Enter-Pad will spring into life with yellow lights and the cubes will enter onto the spinny-things.
-Notice that the fuel bar now shows you have some fuel. Repeat the previous steps until your fuel level reaches 100.
-You can now find the flying saucer which will be emitting a tractor-beam. Stand in it, (but the UFO might be going to a Mothership not Rome).
-Try not to get eaten as well.

Dinosaurs enter the surface level on a large dinosaur elevator which can be activated when you get a sum wrong or on a timer, depending on the options you have. See the options panel on the title screen to set your dinosaur preferences.


On the left side of the screen you have a pick up number-cube button, a put down number-cube button and a camera view button, useful for keeping an eye out for dinosaurs.
On the right side of the screen you have buttons for making Mia move, some of these buttons can be moved from side to side once pressed to allow Mia to turn.


Aliens had intended to re-populated earth after the astroid impact, but some animals survived, mammals, (now you), and they can't interfere with an inhabited planet.
No two planets are the same they need a sanctuary on Earth and to cycle dinosaurs to and from it to minimise the evolutionary changes associated in moving animals to different planets permanently.


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Island details altered to improve frame rate, (my hudl2 struggled with the trees)
Content Rating Changed at Google's request - (Note: Dinosaurs can be turned off if you are scared by them and just want to do the math questions)

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