WizPlanPRO v1.0

WizPlanPRO v1.0

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A quick'n'easy draw and measure application.You are on the move, at the worksite, in the field, anywhere. You need to draw and measure a quick sketch? A detailed floor plan? WizPlanPRO on ...Read more >

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WizPlanPRO v1.0

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A quick'n'easy draw and measure application.

You are on the move, at the worksite, in the field, anywhere. You need to draw and measure a quick sketch? A detailed floor plan? WizPlanPRO on your tablet is your companion, your pure vector drawing friend!

Lighter than complex CAD packages, WizPlanPRO incorporates the most frequently used CAD-like functions by means of a “smart” user interface, including diverse and easy-to-use features and functionalities. A great tool for any architect, engineer, craftsman, sitemaster. Detail in-app help with cautions’n’tips is provided. All you need is your bluetooth-equipped tablet and a Leica DISTO™ device! The end result is a SVG drawing (the conversion to SVG is done on the developer's website) with dimensions.

WizPlanPRO is the latest member of the WizPlan family of productivity applications developed by The Brainspool Project: an application intended for drawing and measuring sketches of any kind.

Features of WizPlanPRO
- user-friendly interface, with little burden on complex tasks and easy-to-learn soft keys
- different drawing modes, straight line drawing and freehand sketching capability
- selectable snap-on grid size and color
- selectable line thickness and color
- objects can be filled with different line width/color
- color and alpha selection from menu of six standard colors or from pallet
- single-point circle drawing, with capability to transpose center and circumference
- continuous (polyline, i.e. point-to-point designated) drawing for straight lines and circles
- rectangle (includes square) drawing by diagonal
- select mode to form curves, change line color and width, trim/extend lines, move objects
- mirror (flip horizontally or vertically)
- rotate objects by 90 deg in both directions
- copy/paste, duplicate object(s)
- input (metric) dimensions via wheel widget; activate and deactivate dimensions layer
- select which dimensions you want to view (measured/unmeasured/all)
- text insertion at any point on the sketch, with or without pointer
- ability to change text color, size and position (text stays always horizontal)
- deselect function
- undo function
- pan and zoom
- save file and autosave on exit/stop and workfile change
- automatic input of measurement from Leica DISTO™ devices via Bluetooth
- ability for manual correction/editing of automatic measurements

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