Road Racer Hills v0.1.2e

Road Racer Hills v0.1.2e

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Experience one of the best road racing games, taking the hill climb racing genre to a new era. Road Racer Hills brings epic hill levels, endless hours of game play, countless car upgrades and stunning ...Read more >

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Road Racer Hills v0.1.2e

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Experience one of the best road racing games, taking the hill climb racing genre to a new era. Road Racer Hills brings epic hill levels, endless hours of game play, countless car upgrades and stunning 3-D graphics. Best of all it’s made by gamers for gamers, giving you the most addictive road racing hill game for free!

Road Racer Hills Features:
- A variety of environments with unique features based on real world locations
- Day/night cycles for every environment in the game
- 3 cars to choose from with tons more vehicles to come including jeeps, racing cars, regular cars and bikes
- Character selections: Choose between a male or female character
- Car Upgrades: Almost anything can be upgraded - engine, brakes, chassis, turbo, suspension, lights, fuel tank capacity, tires, air control and Nitrous
- Start from a number of locations with the Portal System, not just the beginning
- Style points system: Back flip, front flip, and wheelie to create combos. The more combos the bigger the reward -
- Fuel placement system allowing for endless gameplay.
- Try before you buy, test drive fully upgraded vehicles before buying

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More exciting Road Racer Hills features to come including:
Sandbox Mode: Choose your location, create, and share your own uphill racing road
Tournaments: Brand new uphill racing roads will be introduced on every new tournament with great prizes
Challenges: A vast array of challenges such as time, style point or uphill racing based challenges
High scores: Achieve high scores on different levels including the best in the world, the best in your country and the best among your friends
Pet Shop: Choose between a selection of unique pets, each with its own specialty to earn you bonus points
Multiplayer: Offline/Online and Hotseat
Car Customization: Customize your car in a million of unique ways. With new advanced customization features to make your car will stand out from the crowd
Character Selection & Customization: Choose to play from a variety of in game characters. Of course the ability to customize the look of your character is also possible
Massive Mountains: Scale massive mountains and test your uphill racing skill to its limits
Unique gameplay mode: The Campaign and Endless mode have been combined to form a unique and challenging experience
Car Accessories shop: Buy a number of accessories for your car, such as a GPS which will show you the road, fuel locations, chest locations as well as many other advantageous details
Clothes shop: Get in style and customize the clothes to fit your personality
Hair Salon: Who says hair style isn't important
VIP lounge: Chill, chat and make new friends from around the world
Coin bonus: On every level get coin bonuses for reaching certain distances
Daily Bonus: Everyday earn gold bars; the better you play, the more you get
Dynamic Optimization: Automatically tunes the settings for the best game play experience
Cloud Saving: Continue or restore your progress from any device
Showroom: Allows a purchase of cars or bikes from various vehicle categories
Jump Start: Give you the ability to start a level from a further distance
Ghost Cars: Compete against yourself as well the closest online competitors for unlimited road racing challenges
High resolution: Retina display and quality settings allow perfect mobile gameplay experience (incl. tablets)

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