ReCalling (Fast auto redial) v1.9

ReCalling (Fast auto redial) v1.9

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(NOTE: There is a trial version of the app -ReCalling Demo- that can be tested before buying the full version). Can't get through extremely busy phone lines? ReCalling will do it! There are other ...Read more >

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ReCalling (Fast auto redial) v1.9

ReCalling (Fast auto redial) / Description

(NOTE: There is a trial version of the app -ReCalling Demo- that can be tested before buying the full version).

Can't get through extremely busy phone lines? ReCalling will do it! There are other automatic redialers out there, but this is probably the simplest and fastest of them all. And most importantly, without any intrusive permissions. Auto redialing at its finest.

Just type a number or get it from the contact list. Press the green button and it will keep redialing the number until the call gets through, or until the selected time (if the "Set stop time" box is checked).

When the "Fastest redial" mode is enabled, the delay between redial attempts will be minimal. In this mode there are two ways to stop the redialing:
1) press the "back" button to return to the ReCalling screen, and then press the red button.
2) from the notifications bar, click on the ReCalling notification.

If "Fastest redial" is not selected, just press the red button to stop the redialer after a redial attempt has finished. In this mode, there will be a couple of seconds of delay between redial attempts. It is also a bit easier to cancel the redial, since the main screen with the red button is available during the wait.

If you get the busy tone ("beep beep beep"), then you can manually cancel the call and the app will keep redialing afterwards. Otherwise the app will do it automatically after a few seconds (10-20).

Please do not give a bad rating if something does not work. If the automatic redialer is not working as it should, please contact us and we will fix the problem as soon as possible. On the other hand, if you like/love the app, please spend a minute to review it, which will encourage the developer and it will also help others know about it. Thanks!

Note for Dual SIM devices: Currently the Android API does not allow to select either of the SIM slots to make a call. In order to make ReCalling redial without the pop-up requesting the SIM to be used, the other SIM must be disabled manually from the Settings menu.

Permissions explanation:

* Contacts / Calendar:
- read your contacts. Used to get a number from the contact list.

* Phone

- directly call phone numbers. Used to dial the selected number.
- read call log. Used to check the result of a call.

* Device ID & call information

- read phone status and identity. Used to check the current status of a call.

* Other

- change your audio settings. Used to enable the speaker.

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ReCalling (Fast auto redial) / What's New in v1.9

Version 1.9.
Fix for the last reported crashes.
Version 1.8.
Support for Lollipop 5.1.
Solved bug when Airplane mode was ON.
Version 1.7.
Fix for Z2 issues with the contact list.
Version 1.6.
Small bug fix for some devices with call log issues.
Version 1.5.
Ongoing call will not be stopped when the app is killed.
The app can now be moved to the SD card.
Rate app dialog added.
Version 1.4.
Fix for some Android devices in which the redialing did not work.
Version 1.3.
Small bug fix.

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