( OFFTIME ) - Focus Time. vv.kit.

( OFFTIME ) - Focus Time. vv.kit.

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HOW do you use OFFTIME? Submit your OFFTIME-Story until 15th of September and WIN! Unplug, just enough. ( OFFTIME ) lets you monitor and customize your ...Read more >

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( OFFTIME ) - Focus Time. vv.kit.

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HOW do you use OFFTIME? Submit your OFFTIME-Story until 15th of September and WIN!

Unplug, just enough.

( OFFTIME ) lets you monitor and customize your connectivity so you can do the things that matter. Unplug, digital detox and focus on your work, have quality time with the people you care about, or simply enjoy some peace of mind.

★ Selected as one of the "Best Apps of 2014" by Google ★

In case you have any issues, bugs, or suggestions, please get in touch with us at [email protected]. We will look into the issue and fix it as fast as possible.

( OFFTIME ) lets you create profiles that block your calls, texts, and notifications. You can even restrict access to any apps (digital detox), so you can make sure you can focus, don’t get distracted, break free and have some quality time. Make exceptions for the people important to you, or send out custom auto-replies that let others know when you’re back on the grid. And you won’t miss a thing- check out the activity log for a comprehensive list of everything that happened while you were in your zone.

Our intuitive analytics give you insights into your phone and app usage, so you can identify your habits.

With ( OFFTIME ) you can:
• Block calls, texts, and notifications
   • Calls and texts from VIP contacts remain unblocked
   • Send out custom auto-replies
   • Comprehensive list of missed phone activity
• Restrict your access to apps and internet (exit with delay and no manual stop selectable)
• Use profiles that fit your needs (Pro:multiple profiles)
   • schedule and auto-start profiles with your calendar (Pro)
   • use widgets for fast access
• Get phone and app usage analytics + compare yourself with others
   • Set yourself goals and limit your smartphone usage
   • Use reminders that alarm about excessive usage
• Enjoy life!

FAQ: Why does the app need so many permissions? The many permissions are necessary as the aim of the app is to intervene with and track some of the phones core functions. What is happening with my data? All the data stays on your phone, all personal information is encrypted. More questions? More answers:

In-App Purchase
Pay what's fair - Pay what it's worth to you: We keep on developing new features to make ( OFFTIME ) fit your needs based on all the feedback we receive. Of course, this costs money. However, we want to keep the app free for everybody regardless their means (without displaying ads nor selling your data). Therefore, we make it possible for people to donate what they want to via in-app purchase (from 1 - 100€/$) on a special page in the app. Many of our users thank us with a one time donation, and we appreciate everyone's support. Thank you!

Beta Programme
When you are interested in new features and bug fixes before everyone else gets them, join our beta community:

Other languages than English and German will come over time. Please bare with us: We're a small start-up and unfortunately we don't have the resources to do translation ourselves. However, you can help to speed things up and volunteer: Just write to [email protected]

Find a little breathing space in our hyperconnected world, with ( OFFTIME ).

( OFFTIME ) GmbH is a young post-tech startup, based in Berlin, Germany. Our revolutionary services enable people to customize their connectivity, unplug easily, and find an enriching balance in their work-life-tech life - backed by science.


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- For phones where blocking does not work, you can switch the app detection method in Settings. If it still doesn't work, please drop us an email: [email protected] Thanks!
- Several fixes including goal resetting at midnight, performance of insights, and some crashes.
- Experimental backup and restore (in the context menu, settings). Use with care!
- Vibration at the end of a profile can now be disabled

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