iCamaleon-Protect your privacy v1.5.2

iCamaleon-Protect your privacy v1.5.2

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There are a lot of private informations that can be found on our smartphone us. Lose or risk ending up in the wrong hands , is one of the worst thing could happen.But thanks to iCamaleon , your ...Read more >

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iCamaleon-Protect your privacy v1.5.2

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There are a lot of private informations that can be found on our smartphone us. Lose or risk ending up in the wrong hands , is one of the worst thing could happen.

But thanks to iCamaleon , your security, your person and your secrets will finally be protected! Phone calls , text messages and photos of your most important contacts, will be protected inside of iCamaleon!

NO ICON WILL BE VISIBLE ON YOUR PHONE : after the first start the application will become invisible. To be able to reopen, please call the number 12345 (but you have to change, if you want, the number. Is your private code access) .

Put your contacts into the iCameleon:

- Call Block
Stop annoying and upset calls like call center calls or advertising calls ! Your phone will not ring ! *

- Auto -reply
Have you blocked a contact just because at that time you could not answer? Are you in holiday and don’t want to answer and block your job contacts? Active the personalized number auto-reply SMS, and they will know the reason or what do you want to say without talk to them.

- Hide Calls and Sms
Protect calls and messages. The calls and message about your iCamaloen contact will be visibles only inside iCamaleon. Don’t worry about anything!

- Notification
It emits a sound or a short vibration when a call or message are hidden

- Ignore
This contact gives calls you again and again? The call center continues to call you back? Activate this function and you will not even show notifications within iCamaleon! Leave space to only really important contacts.

- User protected
In this modality, you have to enter a code that will be asked at every access and if it will insert correctly, all your contacts will be visible. Otherwise, you will be shown only contacts unprotected .

- ICamaleon Chat:
Manage all yours protected message and thanks to iCamaleon with iCamaleonchat, you can send free messages every time you are connected ... But just if you accept iCamaleon request! Otherwise no one will bother you or know that you've installed iCamaleon!
No more unnecessary contacts and nuisance like into the Whats App!

- ICamaleon Photo :
How many times it happens that somebody take your mobil phone to see your holidays pictures and end up being all of our private albums? Now is not a problem anymore! You can take pictures with iCamaleonPhoto, or import the ones you have done from your pictures inside cellular phone, without leaving any trace. After the transfer the pictures will be visible only on the iCamaleon photo.

- Choose to make the icon invisible or not
- Code for the protection of protected contacts, pictures, and codes
- Block calls from unknown numbers : by popular demand!
- Make a backup of all your online encrypted data! (SOON)
- Remove quickly and easily a selected user chronology calls, messages, and pictures, with a single click!


Help us to improve iCamaleon telling us problems that you have found, send us a message to [email protected] and we will try to resolve them in the shortest time possible!
Also, if you have ideas or suggestions to improve the app write to us, and we will try to introduce them in the next release!
* Function tested and verified on most devices. On some devices, you feel the beginning of a ringtone.
** On some deviceswe noticed that Hangouts delays the deletion of text messages and displays the notification of sms. If the problem should occur before installing Icamaleon please uninstall Hangouts, and then install Icamaleon reinstallre Hangouts.
*** In cases of prescription remains an icon of icamaleon dispositivo.Riavviare on the phone to permanently delete. The icon having no connection with the application will not launch anything

Test in progress: Android 4.4.2 - KitKat (short release)

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